Eileen Basker Memorial Prize

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2017     AIDS and masculinity in the African city : privilege, inequality, and modern manhood by Robert Wyrod
2016     Not tonight : migraine and the politics of gender and health by Joanna Kempner
2015     Haunting images : a cultural account of selective reproduction in Vietnam by Tine Gammeltoft; honorable mention: The violence of care : rape victims, forensic nurses, and sexual assault intervention by Sameena Mulla
2014     Daughters of Parvati : women and madness in contemporary India by Sarah Pinto
2013     Pretty modern : beauty, sex, and plastic surgery in Brazil by Alexander Edmonds; honorable mention: Intimate enemies violence and reconciliation in Peru by Kimberly Theidon
2012     Reproduction, globalization, and the state : new theoretical and ethnographic perspectives, edited by Carole Browner and Carolyn Sargent
2011     AIDS, sex, and culture : global politics and survival in southern Africa by Ida Susser; Dangerous pregnancies : mothers, disabilities, and abortion in modern America by Leslie Regan
2010     Birthing a mother : the surrogate body and the pregnant self by Elly Teman
2009     The public life of the fetal sonogram : technology, consumption, and the politics of reproduction by Janelle Taylor
2008     Fixing men : sex, birth control, and AIDS in Mexico by Matthew C. Gutmann; The making of Our bodies, ourselves : how feminism travels across borders by Kathy Davis
2007     On the game : women and sex work by Sophie Day
2006     Women's health in post-Soviet Russia : the politics of intervention by Michele Rivkin-Fish
2005     Vita : life in a zone of social abandonment by João Biehl
2004     Into our own hands : the women's health movement in the United States, 1969-1990 by Sandra Morgen
2003     Contingent lives : fertility, time, and aging in West Africa by Caroline Bledsoe and Fatoumatta Banja
2002     Birthing the nation : strategies of Palestinian women in Israel by Rhoda Ann Kanaaneh
2001     Reproducing Jews : a cultural account of assisted conception in Israel by Susan Kahn
2000     Venus on wheels : two decades of dialogue on disability, biography, and being female in America by Gelya Frank
1999     Testing women, testing the fetus : the social impact of amniocentesis in America by Rayna Rapp; Disciplining reproduction : modernity, American life sciences, and "the problems of sex" by Adele Clarke
1998     No prize
1997     Women, poverty, and AIDS : sex, drugs, and structural violence by Paul Farmer, Margaret Connors, and Janie Simmons
1996     No prize
1995     Quest for conception : gender, infertility, and Egyptian medical traditions by Marcia Inhorn
1994     With child in mind : studies of the personal encounter with infertility by Margarete Sandelowski
1993     The woman beneath the skin : a doctor's patients in eighteenth-century Germany by Barbara Duden; Encounters with aging : mythologies of menopause in Japan and North America by Margaret Lock
1992     Death without weeping : the violence of everyday life in Brazil by Nancy Scheper-Hughes
1991     No prize
1990     Contested lives : the abortion debate in an American community by Faye Ginsburg
1989     Fasting girls : the emergence of anorexia nervosa as a modern disease by Joan Jacobs Brumberg
1988     The woman in the body : a cultural analysis of reproduction by Emily Martin