The George Louis Beer Prize

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2017     Ruling minds : psychology in the British Empire by Erik Linstrum
2016     The global transformation of time : 1870-1950 by Vanessa Ogle
2015     Citizenship between empire and nation : remaking France and French Africa, 1945–1960 by Frederick Cooper
2014     What soldiers do : sex and the American GI in World War II France by Mary Louise Roberts
2013     Orderly and humane : the expulsion of the Germans after the Second World War by R. M. Douglas
2012     The lost children : reconstructing Europe's families after World War II by Tara Zahra
2011     Advertising empire : race and visual culture in imperial Germany by David Ciarlo; Shattering empires : the clash and collapse of the Ottoman and Russian empires, 1908–1918 by Michael A. Reynolds
2010     Between states : the Transylvanian question and the European idea during World War II by Holly Case
The bitter road to freedom : a new history of the liberation of Europe by William I. Hitchcok
For the soul of mankind : the United States, the Soviet Union, and the Cold War by Melvyn P. Leffler
     An empire divided : religion, republicanism, and the making of French colonialism, 1880–1914 by J. P. Daughton
Assuming the burden : Europe and the American commitment to war in Vietnam by Mark Atwood Lawrence
2005     Defending the rights of others : the great powers, the Jews, and international minority protection, 1878–1938 by Carole Fink
2004     A biography of no place : from ethnic borderland to Soviet heartland by Kate Brown
2003     The reconstruction of nations : Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, 1569-1999 by Timothy Snyder
2002     A diplomatic revolution : Algeria's fight for independence and the origins of the post-Cold War era by Matthew Connelly
2001     Captive university : the Sovietization of East German, Czech, and Polish higher education, 1945–1956 by John Connelly
2000     A constructed peace : the making of the European settlement, 1945–1963 by Marc Trachtenberg
1999     Atlantic crossings : social politics in a progressive age by Daniel T. Rodgers
1998     Divided memory : the Nazi past in the two Germanys by Jeffrey Herf
1997     The Cold War and Soviet insecurity : the Stalin years by Vojtech Mastny
1996     No award
1995     Visions of modernity : American business and the modernization of Germany by Mary Nolan
1994     A world at arms : a global history of World War II by Gerhard L. Weinberg (2d ed (2005) here)
1993     British and American commercial relations with Soviet Russia, 1918–1924 by Christine A. White
1992     The popular front and Central Europe : the dilemmas of French impotence, 1918–1940 by Nicole T. Jordan
1991     Coal, steel, and the rebirth of Europe, 1945-1955 : the Germans and French from Ruhr conflict to economic community by John Gillingham
1990     Between Churchill and Stalin : the Soviet Union, Great Britain, and the origins of the Grand Alliance by Steven Merritt Miner
1989     The twilight of the French eastern alliances, 1926–1936 : French-Czechoslovak-Polish Relations from Locarno to the remilitarization of the Rhineland by Piotr S. Wandycz
1988     The Marshall Plan : America, Britain, and the reconstruction of Western Europe, 1947–1952 by Michael J. Hogan
1987     Syria and the French mandate : the politics of Arab nationalism by Philip S. Khoury
1986     No award
1985     The Genoa Conference : European diplomacy, 1921–22 by Carole Fink
1984     The British Empire in the Middle East, 1945–1951 : Arab nationalism, the United States, and postwar imperialism by William Roger Louis
1983     Poland's place in Europe : General Sikorski and the origin of the Oder-Neisse Line, 1939–1943 by Sarah M. Terry
1982     Mussolini unleashed, 1939–1941 : politics and strategy in fascist Italy’s last war by MacGregor Knox
1981     Innocent abroad : Belgium at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 by Sally Marks
1980     No award
1979     German rearmament and the West, 1932–1933 by Edward W. Bennett
1978     No award
1977     The end of French predominance in Europe : the financial crisis of 1924 and the adoption of the Dawes plan by Stephen A. Schuker
1976     Recasting bourgeois Europe : stabilization in France, Germany and Italy in the decade after World War I by Charles S. Maier
1975     No award
1974     No award
1973     No award
1972     Locarno diplomacy; Germany and the West, 1925-1929 by Jon Jacobson
1971     The foreign policy of Hitler's Germany; diplomatic revolution in Europe, 1933–36 by Gerhard Weinberg
1970     The politics of grand strategy; Britain and France prepare for war, 1904–1914 by Samuel R. Williamson, Jr.
1969     Anglo-Soviet relations, 1917-1921 : volume 2 : Britain and the Russian Civil War, Nov. 1918–Feb. 1920 by Richard H. Ullman
1968     No award
1967     The Volunteer Army and Allied intervention in South Russia, 1917-1921; a study in the politics and diplomacy of the Russian Civil War by George A. Brinkley; French communism in the making, 1914-1924 by Robert Wohl
1966     No award
1965     British strategy and politics, 1914-1918 by Paul Spencer Guinn, Jr.
1964     Yugoslavia at the Paris Peace Conference by Ivo J. Lederer; Land and power : British and Allied policy on Germany’s frontiers, 1916–19 by Harold I. Nelson
1963     Germany and the diplomacy of the financial crisis, 1931 by Edward W. Bennett; The path to European Union, from the Marshall plan to the Common Market by Hans A. Schmitt
1962     France and her eastern allies, 1919–1925 by Piotr S. Wandycz
1961     Mussolini's enemies : the Italian anti-Fascist resistance by Charles F. Delzell
1960     Defeated leaders : the political fate of Caillaux, Jouvenel, and Tardieu by Rudolph Binion
1959     The World War and American isolation, 1914–1917 by Ernest R. May
1958     The United States and east central Europe, 1914-1918 by Vincent Mamatey
1957     German rule in Russia, 1941–1945 : a study of occupation policies by Alexander Dallin
1956     Mitteleuropa in German thought and action, 1815–1945 by Henry Cord Meyer
1955     The formation of the Soviet Union, communism and nationalism, 1917-1923 by Richard Pipes (Rev. ed. here)
1954     Serbia between East and West; the events of 1903–1908 by Wayne S. Vucinich
1953     Woodrow Wilson and the Far East; the diplomacy of the Shantung question by Russell Fifield
1952     Peace in their time; the origins of the Kellogg-Briand pact by Robert H. Ferrell
1951     No award
1950     No award
1949     No award
1948     No award
1947     No award
1946     No award
1945     No award
1944     No award
1943     British enterprise in Nigeria by Arthur Norton Cook
1942     No award
1941     The anatomy of British Sea Power : a history of British naval policy in the pre-dreadnought era, 1880-1905  by Arthur J. Marder
1940     The American impact on Great Britain, 1898–1914; a study of the United States in world history by Richard Heathcote Heindel
1939     The background of anti-English feeling in Germany, 1890–1902 by Pauline Relyea Anderson
1938     Italy at the Paris Peace Conference by Renι Albrecht-Carriι
1937     The career of Thιophile Declassι by Charles Wesley Porter
1936     No award
1935     No award
1934     Great Britain and the German trade rivalry, 1875–1914 by Ross J. S. Hoffman
1933     China's foreign relations, 1917–1931 by Robert Thomas Pollard
1932     Austro-German diplomatic relations, 1908–1914 by Oswald H. Wedel
1931     Germany and the diplomatic revolution : a study in diplomacy and the press, 1904–1906 by O. J. Hale
1930     The coming of the war, 1914 by Bernadotte Everly Schmitt
1929     Fashoda, the incident and its diplomatic setting by Morrison Beall Giffen
1928     The origins of the World War by Sidney B. Fay
1927     No award
1926     No award
1925     Southern Albania or Northern Epirus in European International Affairs, 1912–1923 by Edith P. Stickney
1924     The foreign policies of soviet Russia by Alfred L. P. Dennis
1923     The mandatory system : its historical background and relation to the new imperialism by Walter Russell Batsell; Turkey, the great powers, and the Bagdad railway; a study in imperialism by Edward Mead Earle (online version)