The John K. Fairbank Prize in East Asian History

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2018     The Chinese typewriter : a history by Thomas S. Mullaney
2017     Vietnam : a new history by Christopher Goscha
2016     Men to devils, devils to men : Japanese war crimes and Chinese justice by Barak Kushner
2015     The sacred routes of Uyghur History by Rian Thum
2014     Tyranny of the weak : North Korea and the world, 1950–1992 by Charles K. Armstrong
2013     A continuous revolution : making sense of Cultural Revolution culture by Barbara Mittler
2012     Brokers of empire : Japanese settler colonialism in Korea, 1876-1945 by Jun Uchida
2011     Golden-silk smoke : a history of tobacco in China, 1550–2010 by Carol Benedict
2010     The art of not being governed : an anarchist history of upland Southeast Asia by James C. Scott
2009     Criminal justice in China : a history by Klaus Mühlhahn
     The talented women of the Zhang family by Susan Mann
     Public passions : the trial of Shi Jianqiao and the rise of popular sympathy in Republican China by Eugenia Lean
     The merchants of Zigong : industrial entrepreneurship in early modern China by Madeleine Zelin
2005     Hygienic modernity : meanings of health and disease in treaty-port China by Ruth Rogaski
2004     House and home in modern Japan : architecture, domestic space, and bourgeois culture, 1880-1930 by Jordan Sand
2003     The Victorian translation of China : James Legge's Oriental pilgrimage by Norman Girardot
2002     Reconfiguring modernity : concepts of nature in Japanese political ideology by Julia Adeney Thomas
2001     The colonial Bastille : a history of imprisonment in Vietnam, 1862–1940 by Peter Zinoman
2000     The great divergence : Europe, China, and the making of the modern world economy by Kenneth Pomeranz
1999     Embracing defeat : Japan in the wake of World War II by John Dower
1998     Japan's total empire : Manchuria and the culture of wartime imperialism by Louise Young
1997     History in three keys : the Boxers as event, experience and myth by Paul A. Cohen
1996     Vietnam 1945 : the quest for power by David G. Marr
1995     The making of a Japanese periphery, 1750–1920 by Karen Wigen
1994     The making of a hinterland : state, society, and economy in inland North China, 1853–1937 by Kenneth Pomeranz
1993     Shanghai on strike : the politics of Chinese labor by Elizabeth Perry; Japan's Orient : rendering pasts into history by Stefan Tanaka
1992     Rents, taxes, and peasant resistance : the lower Yangzi Region, 1840–1950 by Kathryn Bernhardt; Offspring of empire : the Koch'ang Kims and the colonial origins of Korean capitalism, 1876-1945 by Carter J. Eckert
1991     Labor and imperial democracy in prewar Japan by Andrew Gordon
1990     Changing song : the Marxist manifestos of Nakano Shigeharu by Miriam Silverberg
1989     Culture, power, and the state : rural North China, 1900–1942 by Prasenjit Duara
1988     The state and labor in modern Japan by Sheldon Garon
1987     The origins of the Boxer Uprising by Joseph W. Esherick
1986     Japan's modern myths : ideology in the late Meiji period by Carol Gluck
1985     The peasant economy and social change in North China by Philip C. C. Huang
1983     The origins of the Korean War : volume 1 : liberation and the emergence of separate regimes, 1945–1947 by Bruce Cumings
1981     The Collapse of the Tokugawa bakufu, 1862–1868 by Conrad Totman
1979     The last Confucian : Liang Shu-Fling and the Chinese dilemma of modernity by Guy S. Alitto
1977     Japanese Marxist : a portrait of Kawakami Hajime, 1879–1946 by Gail Lee Bernstein
1975     The Taiping revolutionary movement by Jen Yu-wen
1973     The Meiji restoration by W. G. Beasley
1971     Hu Shih and the Chinese renaissance; liberalism in the Chinese revolution, 1917–1937 by Jerome B. Greider
1969     Hara Kei in the politics of compromise, 1905–1915 by Tetsuo Najita