Susan Koppelman Award for the Best Anthology, Multi-Authored, or Edited book in Feminist Studies in Popular and American Culture

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2018     Hysterical! : women in American comedy, edited by Linda Mizejewski and Victoria Sturtevant
2017     Becoming Sui Sin Far : early fiction, journalism, and travel writing by Edith Maude Eaton, edited by Mary Chapman; Sisters of tomorrow : the first women of science fiction, edited by Lisa Yaszek & Patrick B. Sharp
2016     Foremothers of the women's spirituality movement : elders and visionaries, edited by Miriam Robbins Dexter and Vicki Noble; The newspaper warrior : Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins's campaign for American Indian rights, 1864-1891, edited by Cari M. Carpenter and Carolyn Sorisio

2015     Graphic details : Jewish women's confessional comics in essays and interviews, edited by Sarah Lightman
2014     Women and the White House : gender, popular culture, and presidential politics, edited by Justin S. Vaughn and Lilly J. Goren
2013     Contested images : women of color in popular culture, edited by Alma M. Garcia
2012     Treacherous texts : U. S. suffrage literature, 1846-1946, edited by Mary Chapman and Angela Mills
2011     Black Venus 2010 : they called her "Hottentot" by Deborah Willis
2010     The fat studies reader, edited by Esther Rothblum and Sondral Solovay
2009     Teatro Chicana : a collective memoir and selected plays, edited by Laura E. Garcia, Sandra M. Gutierrez, and Felicitas Nuñez
2008     After the revolution : women who transformed contemporary art, edited by Eleanor Heartney, Helaine Posner, Nancy Princenthal, and Sue Scott; Third wave feminism and television : Jane puts it in a box, edited by Merri Lisa Johnson
2007     Daughters of earth : feminist science fiction in the twentieth century, edited by Justine Larbalestier

1996     Rediscovering Nancy Drew, edited by Carolyn Stewart Dyer and Nancy Tillman Romalov; Cecilia reclaimed : feminist perspectives on gender and music edited by Susan C. Cook and Judy S. Tsou; Between women : biographers, novelists, critics, teachers, and artists write about their work on women edited by Carol Ascher, Louise DeSalvo, and Sara Ruddick (reissued after the original publication by Beacon in 1984 by Routledge in 1993 with a new foreword by Carolyn G. Heilbrun)

1996     Independent spirits : women painters of the American West, 1890-1945, edited by Patricia Trenton
1995     Found treasures : stories by Yiddish women writers, edited by Frieda Forman, Ethel Raicus, Sarah Silberstein Swartz and Margie Wolfe; Feminist parenting : struggles, triumphs & comic interludes, edited by Dena Taylor; Mother journeys : feminists write about mothering, edited by Maureen T. Reddy, Martha Roth, Amy Sheldon; The last word : letters between Marcia Nardi and William Carlos Williams, edited by Elizabeth Murrie O'Neil
1994     Unbroken thread : an anthology of plays by Asian American women, edited by Roberta Uno; Infinite divisions : an anthology of Chicana literature, edited by Tey Diana Rebolledo and Eliana S. Rievero; Working-class women in the academy : laborers in the knowledge factory, edited by Michelle M. Tokarczyk and Elizabeth A. Fay; Wild women don't wear no blues : Black women writers on love, men, and sex, edited with an introduction by Marita Golden; Eating our hearts out : personal accounts of women's relationship to food, edited by Leslea Newman
1993     The challenge of feminist biography : writing the lives of modern American women, edited by Sara Alpern, Joyce Antler, Elisabeth Israels Perry, and Ingrid Winther Scobie; Dangerous men & adventurous women : romance writers on the appeal of the romance, edited by Jayne Ann Krentz; The Intimate critique : autobiographical literary criticism, edited by Diane P. Freedman, Olivia Frey, and Frances Murphy Zauhar; Sexual harassment : women speak out, edited by Amber Coverdale Sumrall & Dena Taylor, with introductions by Andrea Dworkin & Margaret Randall; cartoons selected by Roz Warren; Honorable Mention: The book of love : writers and their love letters, edited by Cathy N. Davidson; Loss of the ground-note : women writing about the loss of their mothers, edited by Helen Vozenilek
1992     Women's words : the feminist practice of oral history, edited by Sherna Berger Gluck and Daphne Patai; Images of women in literature (5th ed.), edited by Mary Anne Ferguson
1991     Looking for home : women writing about exile, edited by Deborah Keenan and Roseann Lloyd
1990     She rises like the sun : invocations of the goddess by contemporary American women poets, edited by Janine Canan; Making waves : an anthology of writings by and about Asian American women, edited by Asian Women United of California
1989     Feminist art criticism : an anthology, edited by Arlene Raven, Cassandra L. Langer, and Joanna Frueh; Afro-American women writers, 1746-1933 : an anthology and critical guide, edited by Ann Allen Shockley; Spider Woman's granddaughters : traditional tales and contemporary writing by Native American women, edited and introduced by Paula Gunn Allen; Daughters of the elderly : building partnerships in caregiving, edited by Jane Norris
1988     The Women's West, edited and with introductions by Susan Armitage and Elizabeth Jameson; Politics of the heart : a lesbian parenting anthology, edited by Sandra Pollack and Jeanne Vaughn; Honorable Mentions: On to victory : propaganda plays of the woman suffrage movement, edited by Bettina Friedl; A private war : letters and diaries of Madge Preston, 1862-1867, edited & with an introduction by Virginia Walcott Beauchamp; Feminism and methodology : social science issues, edited and with an introduction by Sandra Harding
1987     The Dream book : an anthology of writings by Italian-American women, edited and with an introduction by Helen Barolini; Wall tappings : an anthology of writings by women prisoners, edited by Judith A. Scheffler
1986     Hidden hands : an anthology of American women writers, 1790-1870, edited by Lucy M. Freibert and Barbara A. White