The Robert Motherwell Book Award

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2017     Radicalism in the wilderness : international contemporaneity and 1960s art in Japan by Reiko Tomii
2016     Paul Klee : the visible and the legible by Annie Bourneuf
2015     Kurt Schwitters: space, image, exile by Megan R. Luke
2014     Novelty : a history of the new by Michael North
2013     Machine art, 1934 by Jennifer Jane Marshall
2012     The book as instrument : Stéphane Mallarmé, the artist's book, and the transformation of print culture by Anna Sigrídur Arnar; Honorable Mention: Gutai : decentering modernism by Ming Tiampo
2011     The experimental group : Ilya Kabakov, Moscow conceptualism, Soviet avant-gardes by Matthew Jesse Jackson
2010     Cézanne's other : the portraits of Hortense by Susan Sidlauskas
2009     Harmony + dissent : film and avant-garde art movements in the early twentieth century by R. Bruce Elder
2008     Vitebsk : the life of art by Aleksandra Shatskikh
2007     Russian modernism between East and West : Natal’ia Goncharova and the Moscow avant-garde by Jane Ashton Sharp
2006     Revisiting The waste land and The annotated waste land with Eliot's contemporary prose by Lawrence Rainey
2005     Ovid and the moderns by Theodore Ziolkowski
2004     Orientalist aesthetics : art, colonialism, and French North Africa, 1880–1930 by Roger Benjamin
2003     History of the Surrealist movement by Gérard Durozoi
2002     Anselm Kiefer by Daniel Arasse