Royal Society Winton Prizes for Science Books (now the Royal Society Insight Investment Prize)

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2017     Testosterone rex : unmaking the myths of our gendered minds by Cordelia Fine
2016     The invention of nature : Alexander von Humboldt's new world by Andrea Wulf
2015     Adventures in the anthropocene : a journey to the heart of the planet we made by Gaia Vince
2014     Stuff matters : exploring the marvelous materials that shape our man-made world by Mark Miodownik; Royal Society Young People's Book Prize: Eye benders : the science of seeing and believing by Clive Gifford
2013     The particle at the end of the universe : how the hunt for the Higgs boson leads us to the edge of a new world by Sean Carroll; Royal Society Young People's Book Prize: Look Inside : space by Rob Lloyd Jones
2012     The information : a history, a theory, a flood by James Gleick; Royal Society Young People's Book Prize: Science experiments by Robert Winston and Ian Graham
2011     The wave watcher's companion : from ocean waves to light waves via shock waves, stadium waves, and all the rest of life's undulations by Gavin Pretor-Pinney; Royal Society Young People's Book Prize: How the world works, written by Christiane Dorion; illustrated by Beverley Young
2010     Life ascending : the ten great inventions of evolution by Nick Lane
2009     The age of wonder : how the romantic generation discovered the beauty and terror of science by Richard Holmes
2008     Junior Prize:  The big book of science things to make and do by Rebecca Gilpin and Leonie Pratt; General Prize:  Six degrees : our future on a hotter planet by Mark Lynas
2007     Junior Prize:  Can you feel the force? by Richard Hammond; General Prize:  Stumbling on happiness by Daniel Gilbert
2006     Junior Prize:  Global Garden by Kate Petty, Jennie Maizels and Corina Fletcher; General Prize:  Electric universe : how electricity switched on the modern world by David Bodanis
2005     Junior Prize:  What makes me, me? by Robert Winston; General Prize:  Critical mass : how one thing leads to another by Philip Ball
2004     Junior Prize:  Really rotten experiments by Nick Arnold & Tony De Saulles; General Prize:  A short history of nearly everything by Bill Bryson
2003     Junior Prize:  The DK guide to the oceans by Dr. Frances Dipper; General Prize:  Right hand, left hand : the origins of asymmetry in brains, bodies, atoms, and cultures by Chris McManus
2002     Junior Prize:  DK guide to the human body by Richard Walker; General Prize:  The universe in a nutshell by Stephen Hawking
2001     Junior Prize:  DK guide to the weather by Michael Allaby; General Prize:  Mapping the deep : the extraordinary story of ocean science by Robert Kunzig
2000     Junior Prize:  DK guide to space by Peter Bond; General Prize:  The elegant universe : superstrings, hidden dimensions, and the quest for the ultimate theory by Brian Greene
1999     Junior Prize:  The Usborne complete book of the microscope by Kirsteen Rogers; General Prize:  The man who loved only numbers : the story of Paul Erdös and the search for mathematical truth by Paul Hoffman
1998     Junior Prize:  The Kingfisher book of oceans by David Lambert; General Prize:  Guns, germs and steel : the fates of human societies by Jared Diamond
1997     Junior Prize:  Blood, bones and body bits and ugly bugs by Nick Arnold; General Prize:  The wisdom of the bones : in search of human origins by Alan Walker and Pat Shipman
1996     Junior Prize:  The world of weather by Chris Maynard; General Prize:  Plague's progress : a social history of man and disease by Arno Karlen (U. S. edition here)
1995     Junior Prize:  The most amazing pop-up science book by Jay Young; General Prize:  The consumer's good chemical guide : a jargon-free guide to the chemicals of everyday life by John Emsley
1994     Junior Prize:  Eyewitness science : evolution by Linda Gamlin; General Prize:  The language of the genes : biology, history, and the evolutionary future by Steve Jones
1993     Junior Prize:  Mighty microbes by Thompson Yardley; General Prize:  The making of memory : from molecules to mind by Steven Rose
1992     Junior Prize:  The amazing voyage of the cucumber sandwich by Peter Rowan; General Prize:  The rise and fall of the third chimpanzee by Jared Diamond
1991     Junior Prize:  Cells are Us; and Cell Wars by Fran Balkwill; illustrated by Mic Rolph; General Prize:  Wonderful life : the Burgess Shale and the nature of history by Stephen Jay Gould
1990     Junior Prize:  Winner (under 8) - The giant book of space by Ian Ridpath; Winner (under 14) - Starting Point Science Series: What Makes a Flower Grow?/What Makes it Rain?/What's Under the Ground?/Where Does Electricity Come From? by Susan Mayes; General Prize:  The emperor's new mind : concerning computers, minds, and the laws of physics by Roger Penrose
1989     Junior Prize:  The way things work by David Macaulay; General Prize:  Bones of contention : controversies in the search for human origins by Roger Lewin
1988     Junior Prize:  Science Alive - Living Things by Robin Kerrod; General Prize:  Living with risk by the British Medical Association Board of Science