Frances Richardson Keller-Sierra Prize
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2017     Facing the revocation : Huguenot families, faith, and the king's will by Carolyn Chappell Lougee
2016     The power to die : slavery and suicide in British North America by Terri Snyder
2015     Lamaze : an international history by Paula Michaels
2014     Redefining rape : sexual violence in the era of suffrage and segregation by Estelle Freedman
2013     Crime and punishment in early modern Europe by Nancy Kollman
2012     Burned bridge : how East and West Germans made the Iron Curtain by Edith Sheffer
2011     Civilizing habits : women missionaries and the revival of the French empire by Sarah Curtis
2010     Fit to be tied : sterilization and reproductive rights in America, 1950-1980 by Rebecca M. Kluchin
2009     Contested paternity : constructing families in modern France by Rachel Fuchs
2008     An intimate affair : women, lingerie, and sexuality by Jill Field
2007     Inescapable ecologies : a history of environment, disease, and knowledge by Linda Nash
2006     Birthing the nation : sex, science, and the conception of eighteenth-century Britons by Lisa Cody
2005     Nazi 'chic'? : fashioning women in the Third Reich by Irene Guenther
     The world's richest Indian : the scandal over Jackson Barnett's oil fortune by Tanis Thorne
     Marching on Washington : the forging of an American political tradition by Lucy G. Barber
     Ida B. Wells-Barnett and American reform, 1880-1930 by Patricia Schechter
     To have and to hold : marriage, the baby boom, and social change by Jessica Weiss
     Engendered encounters : feminism and Pueblo cultures, 1879-1934 by Margaret D. Jacobs; Images of rape : the heroic tradition and its alternatives by Diane Wolfthal
     The king's midwife : a history and mystery of Madame du Coudray by Nina Gelbart
     From mobilization to civil war : the politics of polarization in the Spanish city of Gijon, 1900-1937 by Pamela Bess Radcliff
     Maternal justice : Miriam Van Waters and the female reform tradition by Estelle Freedman
     Sick and tired of being sick and tired : Black women's health activism in America, 1880-1950 by Susan L. Smith
     Engendering business : men and women in the corporate office, 1870-1930 by Angel Kwolek-Folland
     The second gold rush : Oakland and the East Bay in World War II by Marilynn S. Johnson
     The rise of public woman : woman's power and woman's place in the United States, 1630-1970 by Glenna Matthews
     Latin American women and the search for social justice by Francesca Miller
     Gender and disorder in early modern Seville by Mary Elizabeth Perry
     Searching the heart : women, men, and romantic love in nineteenth-century America by Karen Lystra
     A peculiar people : slave religion and community-culture among the Gullahs by Margaret Washington Creel
     Feminine and opposition journalism in old regime France : Le Journal des dames by Nina Rattner Gelbart
     Loosening the bonds : Mid-Atlantic farm women, 1750-1850 by Joan M. Jensen; Sisterhood denied : race, gender, and class in a New South community by Dolores Janiewski
     No prize awarded, insufficient submissions
1985     Boulevard theater and revolution in eighteenth-century Paris by Michèlle Root-Bernstein
     Flowers in salt : the beginnings of feminist consciousness in modern Japan by Sharon L. Sievers
     Never done : a history of American housework by Susan Strasser
     Crime and society in early modern Seville by Mary Elizabeth Perry; Victorian women : a documentary account of women's lives in nineteenth-century England, France, and the United States by Erna Olafson Hellerstein, Leslie Parker Hume, and Karen M. Offen