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Office of Campus Sustainability
Minnesota State University Moorhead's commitment to sustainability extends well beyond a single committee, club, department, or individual.  An Office of Campus Sustainability is being established in order to demonstrate the collective nature of environmental initiatives on campus.
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Funding Requests

During the school year, SCIC accepts requests for funding green projects on campus. If you wish to submit a funding request, please fill out the form below and e-mail it to

SCI Funding Request Form

Mission Statement

The MSUM Sustainable Campus Initiative is dedicated to promoting and developing sustainable practices which will reduce the University's impact on the environment. Through example, teaching, and community outreach, the initiative acts as a catalyst of change as it strives toward the goal of an environmentally sustainable MSUM Campus.

SCIC Environmental Fee Funding Request Procedures

SCIC Operating Rules

SCIC Committee Structure

History of SCIC

In Fall 2003, a group of MSUM students came together to create a student initiative for campus sustainability. The students drafted a document outlining goals and recommendations to help the university move towards a more sustainable future. This document was then taken to Student Senate and work began on creating a student fee to be used for sustainable campus projects. The fee (now known as the "environmental fee" or "green fee") was implemented Fall Semester 2004.

The 2005-2006 school year was spent working out the committee structure, creating by-laws, and working through other issues that occur with at the birth of a campus committee. This ended with several changes being made, including a new name for the committee (Sustainable Camus Initiative Committee, or SCIC), the addition of committee members, and the development of the funding request process. At the end of the year, the committee celebrated all of their accomplishments with the Earth Day celebration and the signing of the Talloires Declaration by  University President Roland E. Barden and Student Senate President James Cailao.



What is the "Green Fee"?

The $5 per semester that shows up on a student tuition bill under the title "environmental fee" is the result of the Sustainable Campus Initiative. This money goes into a fund that generates approximately $40,000 per year. 100% of these funds are directed toward the development of sustainable procedures, programs, facilities, and curriculum.

A task force was formed to manage the money and research options for improving the MSUM environment. The Sustainable Campus Initiative Committee evolved from that task force, and is now managing the funds. The Sustainable Campus Initiative Committee is made up of a majority of MSUM students, and contains university staff, faculty, and administrators as well. Regular meetings are held bi-monthly during the academic year.

Contact Information

For questions or comments about the Initiative or Committee, it's goals, or how to get involved please contact