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American Heritage Vegetables
"American Heritage Vegetables documents the cultivation practices, popular varieties, and cookery of vegetables found in American kitchen and market gardens before the twentieth century. We have not included landrace grains--corn, rice, wheat, rye, barley, oats--or field crops such as sugar cane and sorghum since these will be treated in a separate website in the future. The vegetable profiles, composed by David Shields, derive from articles in agricultural journals, horticultural manuals, newspaper articles, and gardening encyclopedia published during the 'age of experiment'--from 1810 to 1886--in the United States. All the works of the canon of American gardening--Bernard M'Mahon's The American Garden Calender (1806), William Cobbett's The American Gardener, Thomas Fessenden's The New American Gardener (1835), Thomas Bridgeman's The Young Gardeners Assistant (1837), Francis Homes's The Southern Market Gardener (1842), L. D. Chapin's The Vegetable Kingdom (1843), Robert Buist's The Family Kitchen Gardener (1850), William N. White's Gardening for the South (1857), Alexander Watson's The American Home Garden (1859), Fearing Burr, Jr., American Garden Vegetables (1866), and Burr's Field and Garden Vegetables (1874) have been consulted."

Food in the Age of Experiment, Special Issue on Food, edited by David Shields for Common-place, Volume 11, Number 3: April, 2011.

Food in Colonial America, The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Foodways,The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

The Library of Congress SCIENCE TRACER BULLET SERIES: Food History
"Interdisciplinary in nature, the history of food is a subject well suited to research using the Library's extensive collections of cookery books, scholarly works, and bibliographies on food history. Researchers also often consult additional sources and primary materials including wartime food manuals, serials of all types, travelers' memoirs, letters and diaries, advertising, exposition guides, and manufacturers' pamphlets. This guide, a revision of Library of Congress Science Tracer Bullet 04-1, focuses on works on food history. The intent is to assist researchers in identifying resources and trends in food history studies, through a broad sampling of writings and bibliographies. Rather than being a comprehensive listing, the titles listed here are intended to give an idea of the breadth of information available, with the focus being on works published in English, during the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, and mainly in the United States, though other time periods and areas have occasionally been included. Not intended to be a comprehensive bibliography, this guide is designed--as the name of the series implies--to put the reader 'on target.' "

University of Pennsylvania Library: Food Studies at Penn

University of Pennsylvania Library: Penn Culinary Collections