Digital Resources for Early American Studies

Science and Empire

The Association for the Study of Literature and Environment (ASLE)

"Every Man His Own Doctor": Popular Medicine in Early America, from the Library Company of Philadelphia

Fordham University: The Internet History of Science Sourcebook
"The Internet History Sourcebooks Project is a collection of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts presented cleanly (without advertising or excessive layout) for educational use. Paul Halsall, Editor."

The Harvard University Center for the Environment (HUCE)
"The Harvard University Center for the Environment (HUCE) encourages research and education about the environment and its many interactions with human society."

The History of Science Society
"The History of Science Society is the world's largest society dedicated to understanding science, technology, medicine, and their interactions with society in historical context. Over 3,000 individual and institutional members across the world support the Society's mission to foster interest in the history of science and its social and cultural relations."

Library of Congress: Science Subject Guide: Biography, History of Science
"Science Reference Services is the principal location for research in the areas of science, technology, technical reports, and standards."

Literature of the History of Science & Empire
The American Society for Environmental History (ASEH)
"The American Society for Environmental History (ASEH) increases understanding of current environmental issues by analyzing their historical background."

Working Bibliography for a Graduate Seminar Titled “The Science of Empire,” offered at Penn State University by Carla Mulford, English Department