Gonzalo Endara Crow

(1936 - 1996)

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The books I have are:  

Works:  (I do not have all the titles.  I'm not even sure if all of the following are authentic Endara Crow.  If you could help me in this regard, please contact me.)

Dentro canta, dentro grita  Acrílico, 1989 (Azul 35)

Untitled (1982)

El Coleccionista,  Acrílico, 1988 (Azul 13)

En el tiempo vinieron.  Acrílico,  1989 (Azul 41)

Se decía y sabían,  Acrílico, 1988

Paisaje 19??

Bells Falling 19??


It has no name, but based on the conversation we had with Gonzalo when he donated the painting, we called it "Inspiration".

--Rebecca Justicia, Maquipucuna


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