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National Student Exchange

Widen your educational horizons! 

It’s time to see the world and you can do it with the National Student Exchange (NSE). NSE is a program of over 175 colleges and universities that assist their students in attending American public universities in almost every state and several U.S. territories for up to one year. The great part of the program is that you pay in-state tuition rates. MSUM students have skied on Montana’s Rocky Mountains, sunned themselves off the Pacific Ocean and explored the glaciers of Alaska. If that doesn’t sound exciting, think about having new classes, experiencing different cultures, or living in a new climate.

Advantages of NSE

  • You do not have to transfer; you remain an MSUM student while you’re on NSE.

  • You pay resident (in-state) tuition and fees at the host university or the rate normally paid at MSUM.

  • You may attend for a semester or year.

  • There is a coordinator at MSUM and each of the host universities that will help to plan your exchange, orientate you at the host institution, and help you upon your return to MSUM.

  • Each college maintains detailed information on all of the other universities, including catalogs, etc.

Applications and Placement

Applications for the 2014-2015 school year are currently being accepted. Placement decisions will be made in mid-March. Applicants must have a 2.5 GPA at MSUM and should have completed a minimum of 12 credits.  An application, two letters of recommendation, and a meeting with the NSE Coordinator are all required prior to selection for the program.  A $160 non-refundable application fee is charged.

Credits and Grades

NSE is an academic program. Students participate in credit course work at a host university and transfer the credits back to their home institutions. MSUM students can earn full credit for a semester or one year on exchange. Using the process of concurrent registration, students meet with their advisor and receive approval of their course selections before leaving MSUM. Upon receipt of an official transcript from the host institution, the courses and grades will transfer back to MSUM and be placed on the student's record.

Deciding on a University

Sounds like a great program but you’re not sure where you want to go? Check out the NSE Homepage and get information about the member universities and colleges and find out how the program works. Stop by Owens 206 for an application or additional information.  A listing of institutions involved in NSE is available at NSE's website,   

Information Sessions

Informational sessions are held both fall and spring semester. The NSE Coordinator will have previous NSE participants available to answer questions and will discuss the program at the information sessions.


Financial Aid

MSUM students often use scholarships, loans and grants to participate. Students are awarded financial aid from the campus at which they pay their tuition and fees. An MSUM financial aid representative will be at the information sessions to assist students seeking aid for the exchange program.

Any questions?

Come over to Owens 206 or call (218) 477-2171 and we’ll help you out.

Sherry Estrem
NSE Coordinator
Owens 206
(218) 477-2171