Policy Regarding Flood Related Class Interruptions

1.  As long as the University remains open, class will be held as usual.

2.  Students who can not be in class due to flood reasons when the University is open will be expected to contact me as soon as possible.  Arrangements to complete the course requirements will be developed for each student individually.

3.  If the University closes during the flood, classes will resume as soon as the University reopens.  Students are expected to stay up-to-date on their reading based on the plan set in the syllabus.  Students are responsible for mastering the information from each chapter.  These chapters will be briefly reviewed when classes resume.

4.  If the University is closed for an extended period, I reserve the right to modify the syllabus and delete some material from our required reading.

5.  Every attempt will be made to assign a final grade for each student enrolled in the course no matter the extent of the flooding.