Dr. Vigilant's Spring 2015

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Courses Lecture Times Office Days & Hours Office Number Contact Information
Soc. 110 (Introductory Sociology) MW  @ 1:30pm M (3-4pm) T (3-6pm) W (3-6pm) TH (3-6pm) F (By Appointment) LO 212-J 218-477-2034 (Office)
Soc. 110 (Introductory Sociology) TTH  @ 1:30pm     218-477-2593 (fax)
Soc. 210 (Social Problems) MWF @ 10:00am     vigilant@mnstate.edu 
Soc. 352-W (Qualitative Methods) M  @ 4:30pm    
Soc. 407-W (Cont. Sociological Theory) MWF @ 11:00am