Steve Lindaas PhD

Fall 2021:

  • Physics 200: Physics with Calculus 1 [D2L]
    (aka General Physics I)
  • Sustainability 421: Systems Thinking [D2L]
  • Physics 394: Quadcopter Challenge [Slack]

  • Note: The most current course information is available on the Desire to Learn - Brightspace [D2L] site.

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Phone (218) 477-4268
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There are places and activities in this world that change your perspective. Find them, cherish them, share them...

Rock SkippingSkipping rocks in Grand Teton National Park, - image courtesy SAL (2006)

We are on a spaceship; a beautiful one.  It took billions of years to develop. We're not going to get another.  Now, how do we make this spaceship work? - R. Buckminster Fuller

The Poisson Obstruction, a play about diffraction by Steve Lindaas.

NSF Noyce Program:

  • The grant support for the MSUM Noyce Program is ending Spring 2022.
  • We have had summer Noyce Internships in area public schools and educational organizations.

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