Dr. Andrew Mazz Marry

Associate Professor of Bioscience

Dept. of  Biosciences,                                      

1104 Seventh Avenue South,                C.V.                        Teaching Philosophy

Moorhead, MN,  56563, USA.           Teaching                     Research Interests

Office:  HA 407B  and LH208                   Back to Departmental Web Page                 

Email: marryand@mnstate.edu                                            


Office hours Spring 2020:  Either in HA 407B or LH 208         

Mon & Wed:10.00 am to 11.00 am

Tues: 10.00 am to 5.00 pm 

Thur: 10.00 am to Noon   

And by appointment.  Also, I am generally around everyday, so it's worth the trip upstairs if you need help. 

Try HA 407B first and then go to SL 208.  You will be able to find me reasonably easily. 


Some random facts about me:

I have a not-from around-here accent.

My thumbs are not the same length.

I support the mighty Arsenal F.C. football (soccer) team

I am allergic to chocolate! (and cats).

I dislike my given name with great passion.

It's a bad idea to ever start a conversation with me about Bono.  Don't do it!

Favorite Film:  The Ninth Configuration. (If you can prove you have seen this film AND attend class, we can talk extra credit).

Favorite Song:  Through the Barricades by Spandau Ballet. 

Longtime favorite recording artist: Midge Ure - click for a sample

Favorite Book:  Moby Dick.

Anyone like classical Music, such as Canon in D?


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Last updated on 24th January 2020

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