The Whitfield Book Prize

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2018     Communications and British operations on the Western Front, 1914-1918 by Brian N. Hall
2017     The smoke of London : energy and environment in the early modern city by William M. Cavert and The shape of the state in medieval Scotland, 1124-1290 by Alice Taylor
2016     Princely education in early modern Britain by Aysha Pollnitz
2015     Officers and accountability in medieval England 1170-1300 by John Sabapathy; Ireland and the Irish in interwar England by Mo Moulton (proxime accessit)
2013     Making toleration : the repealers and the Glorious Revolution by Scott Sowerby
2012     The politics of gender in Victorian Britain : masculinity, political culture and the struggle for women's rights by Ben Griffin
2011     Godly kingship in Restoration England : the politics of the Royal Supremacy, 1660-1688 by Jacqueline Rose
2010     The art of hearing : English preachers and their audiences, 1590-1640 by Dr. Arnold Hunt
2009     The price of emancipation : slave-ownership, compensation and British society at the end of slavery by Nicholas Draper
2008     George Canning and liberal Toryism, 1801-1827 by Stephen M. Lee, jointly with Free trade nation : commerce, consumption and civil society in modern Britain by Frank Trentmann
2007     The earls of Mercia : lordship and power in late Anglo-Saxon England by Stephen Baxter, jointly with The idea of greater Britain : empire and the future of world order, 1860-1900 by Duncan Bell
2006     Birth control, sex and marriage in Britain, 1918-1960 by Kate Fisher
2005     Queer London by Matt Houlbrooke
2004     Making English morals : voluntary association and moral reform in England, 1787-1886 by M. J. D. Roberts
2003     Patterns of piety : women, gender and religion in late medieval and Reformation England by Christine Peters
2002     Popular politics and the English Reformation by Ethan H. Shagan
2001     God's house at Ewelme : life, devotion and architecture in a fifteenth-century almshouse by John Goodall; and Building on ruins : the rediscovery of Rome and English architecture by Frank Salmon
2000     Oral and literate culture in England, 1500-1700 by Adam Fox
1999     Understanding popular violence in the English revolution : the Colchester Plunderers by John Walter
1998     The gentleman's daughter: women’s lives in Georgian England by Amanda Vickery
1997     Domestic biography : the legacy of evangelicalism in four nineteenth-century families by Christopher Tolley
1996     Youth and authority : formative experience in England, 1560-1640 by Paul D. Griffiths
1995     The sense of the people : politics, culture and imperialism in England, 1715-1785 by Kathleen Wilson
1994     The hanging tree : execution and the English people, 1770-1868 by V. A. C. Gatrell
1993     Commoners : common right, enclosure and social change in England, 1700-1820 by Jeanette M. Neeson
1992     Locality and polity : a study of Warwickshire landed society, 1401-1499 by Christine Carpenter
1991     Cheap print and popular piety, 1550-1640 by Tessa Watt
1990     Political change and the Labour party, 1900-1918 Duncan M. Tanner
1989     Medieval Westminster, 1200-1540 by Gervase Rosser
1988     Reforming London : the London government problem, 1855-1900 by J. H. Davis
1987     Criticism and compliment : the politics of literature in the England of Charles I by Kevin M. Sharpe
1986     Suffolk and the Tudors : politics and religion in an English county, 1500-1600 by Diarmaid MacCulloch
1985     Annals of the labouring poor : social change and agrarian England, 1660-1900 by K. D. M. Snell
1984     Methodism and politics in British society, 1750-1850 by David Hempton
1983     The English alehouse : a social history, 1200-1830 by Peter Clark
1982     Faith by statute : Parliament and the settlement of religion, 1559 by Norman L. Jones
1981     The Pilgrimage of Grace in the Lake Counties, 1536-7 by Scott M. Harrison
1980     The Parliamentary agents : a history by D. L. Rydz
1979     Denzil Holles, 1598-1680 : a study of his political career by Patricia Crawford
1978     The Queen's two bodies : drama and the Elizabethan succession by Marie Axton
1977     John Burns by K. D. Brown