North American Society for the Sociology of Sport Outstanding Book Award

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2017     Sex testing : gender policing in women's sports by Lindsay Parks Pieper
2016     Is there life after football? : surviving the NFL by James Holstein, Richard Jones, and George Koonce
2015     Dominican baseball : new pride, old prejudice by Alan Klein
2014     Discipline and indulgence : college football, media, and the American way of life during the Cold War by Jeffrey Montez de Oca
2013     Critical pedagogy, physical education, and urban schooling by Katie Fitzpatrick
2012     Sport, spectacle, and NASCAR nation : consumption and the cultural politics of neoliberalism by Joshua Newman and Michael Giardina
2011     Skate life : re-imagining white masculinity by Emily Chivers Yochim
2010     Body panic : gender, health and the selling of fitness by Shari L. Dworkin and Faye Linda Wachs
2009     The quality of home runs : the passion, politics, and language of Cuban baseball by Thomas F. Carter
2008     Race, sport, and the American dream by Earl Smith
2007     Foucault, sport and exercise : power knowledge and transforming the self by Pirkko Markula and Richard Pringle
2006     Sporting pedagogies : performing culture & identity in the global arena by Michael D. Giardina
2005     Protecting home : class, race, and masculinity in boys' baseball by Sherri Grasmuck
2004     Taking the field : women, men and sports by Michael Messner
2003     Saying it's so : a cultural history of the Black Sox scandal by Daniel A. Nathan
2002     Men at play : a working understanding of professional hockey by Michael Robidoux
2001     Higher goals : women's ice hockey and the politics of gender by Nancy Theberge
2000     The rites of men : manhood, politics, and the culture of sport by Varda Burstyn
1999     Sport matters : sociological studies of sport, violence, and civilization by Eric Dunning
1998     Boxing and society : an international analysis by John Sugden
1997     Baseball on the border : a tale of two Laredos by Alan Klein
1996     No award

1995     Outsiders in the clubhouse : the world of women's professional golf by Todd Crosset
1994     Sporting females : critical issues in the history and sociology of women's sports by Jennifer Hargreaves
1993     Power at play : sport and the problems of masculinity by Michael Messner