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Gregory W. Stutes
Minnesota State University
Department of Economics
Moorhead, MN 56563

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The Economics of Brushing Teeth  

Use Excel to track your stocks!

How to make Graph Paper

                              Look Below!                                      I have more LINKS

Yahoo's search directory for economics and all of the fields within economics Famous people
who could have been economists
if they'd wanted to.
The Dead Economists Society:
This is McMaster University's grand site.  If you need an economist, this is the place to look.
The internationally renowned Economist Jokes website
Another way of looking at things. What is the link between Math and Music?  How many notes are in a scale and why?  All of your questions are answered in this informative page

I joined Prof. Lin on the MSUM China tour in 2002.  Wow!  If you have never traveled abroad, you should.  It was expensive, but a great learning experience.

90 percent of them are not . . . .


An old hobby that I want to restart.  I have over 300 Kodak cameras.  Yes!  From the 110s of the 1970s, to the bellows of the 1920s, to the roll films of the 1890s.  This site has a fun collection. (Unfortunately, it is not mine.)

Another Link Page

Ohio Camera Collectors Society

All Kodak

All of those pretty shapes and folds.  Is there a link between origami and math?  Oh, Yes!

Too much math and not enough origami.  Joseph Wu can do anything with paper.

How about a Money Origami Site

Ham was my first, then there was Moose and last was Mutt.  If you want to see his pics, go to the top of this page.  This link has everything you need to know about Hams.

Or if you are goofy, try Hampster's Site

I just purchased two plants that I will shape into Bonsai trees.  I am still looking for a great site for my link.  If you have a better one, please e-mail it.

One of my current projects outside the university is restoring an old upright piano.  This is a great site on the inner-workings of the piano.

I have tons of houseplants.  It takes at least a 1/2 hour to water all of my plants.  Some plants even spill over into the hallway of my apartment complex.

Another link

Still One More link

Northern Gardening

Saddleback College Economics Department

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