Project 1


Imagine that your company is expanding its business and needs to locate new facilities.  Your job is to provide an overview of a particular community so that management can better evaluate whether to expand into that community.  You will need to provide your company with a written report of approximately ten pages including graphs and a PowerPoint presentation to accompany a five to 10 minute oral presentation.  These products should not be considered drafts, but rather final products submitted to management.  You should imagine that the quality of the work is a signal of your dedication and your level of productivity and; therefore, could be used by management to determine whether you receive a raise in your salary.

Each community is different and since you will need to highlight the strengths and weaknesses, each presentation will be unique.  Nevertheless, I will remind you that the chapters in our textbook are determined because they are of particular interest in regional economics.  You may wish to report the descriptive statistics related to those areas.  e.g.  The textbook has a chapter on labor economics.  You may wish to provide a section on the demographic distribution of your community.

You do not need to select a community in the Red River Valley, but your selection should be sufficiently large to collect data and sufficient small so that you can provide information that is relevant based on the storyline above.  If you wish to select a larger city, I suggest that a bulk of your material focus on a particular district.

All presentations are expected to be free of spelling and grammatical errors and include a citations page.