Personal Inventory Check

  1. Are you interested in learning something about other cultures, not just recreation?
  2. Are you able to live 3 weeks without your favorite soft drink?
  3. Do you abuse illegal drug?
  4. Are you an alcoholic?
  5. Are you willing to try new foods, or will you see it, say "gross", and want to go to McDonald’s?
  6. Can you get along without all the conveniences of North America for several weeks?
  7. Can you spend a few hours on a bus?
  8. Do you have a mature outlook on life, or do you complain a lot?
  9. Do your parents and friends consider you a responsible, trustworthy individual?
  10. Are you a polite person?
  11. Are the kind that likes new experiences or would you rather stick with your routine?
  12. Are you willing to try your best to speak the language to people, or will you usually try to find someone else to do it for you?
  13. Do you really care about others or are you more interested in making sure you are always having a good time?
  14. Can you be counted on to do your best to be a good representative of the United States and of MSUM?
  15. When thinks do not go as planned, do you adjust, panic or get angry?
  16. Can you accept cultural differences as differences and not inferiority?
  17. Can you keep a sense of humor even when you are frustrated?
  18. Do you like to experience new things?
  19. If someone is rude to you, can you attribute it to a rude individual rather then condemning a whole culture, and can you let it go?
  20. Do people who dress or appear differently than you distrust you?
  21. When there is a delay, do you react patiently or angrily?
  22. When you are not under direct supervision, do you conduct yourself responsibly?
  23. Does the idea of learning to know new people and place appeal to you?
  24. Are you flexible?
  25. Do your friends have a lot of confidence in your good judgment?
  26. When you have an argument or different with someone, do you try to resolve it maturely?
  27. Is there a spirit of adventure in your life?
  28. What happens if the only shower is cold?
  29. Are you physical fit enough to hike trails and climb the stairs of several pagodas?
  30. Do you have physical limitation that will prevent you from fully participate in the program? China is not handicapped friendly.
  31. Would people who know you say that you are a pleasant person, or would they say you complain a lot?
  32. Do you tend to reflect first, or do you tend to criticize first?
  33. Do you feel North American culture is superior to all others and it is beneath your dignity to adapt if you are a guest elsewhere?
  34. Can you live in hot weather if air conditioning is not readily available?
  35. Are you thoughtful?
  36. Are you a good traveler?