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"True education does not ignore the value of scientific knowledge or literacy acquirements; but above information it values power; above power, goodness; above intellectual acquirements, character. The world does not so much need men and women of great intellect as of noble character. It needs men and women in whom ability is controlled by steadfast principle." -Ellen Gould White

“I believe that when sociology remains at a highly abstract and formal level, it contributes nothing.  When it gets down to the nitty gritty of real life, however, it is an instrument that people can apply to themselves for quasi-clinical purposes. The true freedom that sociology offers is to give us a small chance of knowing what game we play and of minimizing the ways in which we are manipulated by the forces of the field in which we evolve, as well as by the embodied social forces that operate from within us… When you apply reflexive sociology to yourself, you open up the possibility of identifying true sites of freedom, and thus building small-scale, modest, practical morals in keeping with the scope of human freedom which, in my opinion, is not that large.” –Pierre Bourdieu 

"There are no more deserts. There are no more islands. Yet there is a need for them. In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion. In order to serve men better, one has to hold them at a distance for a time." -Albert Camus


This is the 2011 Mandarin translation of The Meaning of Sociology (8th Edition) that is marketed and sold throughout Asia, mainly China)

 (Social Problems: Readings With Four Questions (2012: 4th Edition)

Three New Books for 2009: Social Problems: Readings with Four Questions (Third Edition)The Meaning of Sociology (Ninth Edition), and The Meaning of Sociology: A Reader (Ninth Edition),

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