Pacific NW Ecology

Biology 308

2018 Travel Dates: July 5 to July 15  

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    Sample Course Material: D2L has actual course readings as both PDF and links to multimedia resources

    • The Natural History of Puget Sound Country by A.R. Kruckeberg (1991) – Chapters 1 (Introduction)
    • A Naturalist’s Seashore Guide by G.J. Bruscha and R.C. Bruscha (1978) – Chapter III (“Ecology of the Seashore”)
    • Living Planet Report 2006 – World Wildlife Fund
    • Assorted newspaper articles and short reports found in course packet
    • Additional updated material as relevant.


Hoh Rainforest

The Hoh rainforest is a diverse ecosystem. It is unique since most old-growth forests have been harvested. We can not fully re-create this system and have much still to learn. We need to conserve this system for future generations. It is easy to be overwhelmed by such a task. However, we have a great capacity to effect change - when there is a will. If you do get down, just remember... don't worry, be happy!

Speaking of no worries... here is a nice video showing a banana slug in action.