General Physics I

Physics 200

Course Documents:

Problem Solving Sheet
Universal Excuse Form

Group problem: Force and Friction - Note: if I see 5 proposed solutions by 5pm Monday I will post a key.

Required Course Material:

  • Matter and Interactions, 3rd Edition by Chabay and Sherwood, Published by Wiley (2010)
  • WebAssign course homework system- the class key is "mnstate 5961 3323"
  • VPython software installed
  • Physics 200 Lab Activity Manual - available on-line
Symmetry is like a daisy.Daisy and Bee

"A round, a round, a round the world we go. Where we stop nobody knows." - Prefers to be Anonymous
(Obviously, not a physicist in training. Dr L)

Make sure you use your full name and Dragon ID when creating your WebAssign account. You can create a WebAssign account and wait to purchase an authorization code. You also have two weeks after purchasing to request a refund. NOTE: Make sure you double-check the purchase requirements.

We will be using VPython version 2.7 (version 3.2 is also fine to use there is just some semantic differences that might need to be changed in programs run under a different version). You need to install Python before installing VPython - just follow the directions. NOTE: VPython is installed on lab computers for which you will have access. So if you do not have a computer - don't worry, be happy!

Speaking of no worries... Here is a nice video analysis of how a dropped cat lands on its feet.

Matter and Interactions Text

The text is available at the MSUM Bookstore as separate volumes (volume 1 is used the first semester and volume 2 is used the second semester). The text can also be purchased as one complete hard-cover book, as an e-book or as a 3-ring binder ready version.

The text is also available as an e-book purchased with a WebAssign authorization. However, this e-book option has an expiration date.