ED 513
Psychology of Teaching and Learning

Brian G. Smith, Ph.D.

Course Objectives:

The curriculum and methods of instruction are carefully selected to facilitate the acquisition of the following learning objectives:

  • understand a variety of human development models
  • are able to apply knowledge of human development models appropriately
  • understand the major theories of human learning
  • are able to apply human learning theories to examples of behavior
  • understand the issues and explanations of motivation in educational settings
  • are able to set up a plan for effective classroom instruction based on learner needs
  • develop strategies to effectively manage diverse situations
  • Compare and contrast the educational needs of learners who have exceptionalities with those of typical learners throughout the human development life span
  • Understand the needs of children who are developmentally diverse and recognize conditions requiring assistance from professionals
  • Describe appropriate educational modifications that may be necessary to meet the special needs of learners with exceptionalities
  • Describe the shared responsibilities, roles, and function of an educational team to include the parents of students with exceptionalities in determining, and meeting special needs



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