SC352-W: Qualitative Research Methods (Writing Intensive)

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Cool Sociology: Methods in Qualitative Research


National Institutes of Health (NIH) Human Participant Protections Education
for Research Teams (For Qual. Methods (SC352) Assignment # 1):


Sample Critical Response Papers

Hannah Hilfer's Critical Assessment of Elizabeth W. Lindsey's "Impact of Homelessness and Shelter Life on Family Relationships"

Sarah Hogfoss's Critical Assessment of David Karp's "Hiding in Pornographic Bookstores: A Reconsideration of the Nature of Urban Anonymity"

Dominique Karlsson's Critical Assessment of Trammel & Chenault's "We Have to Take These Guys Out"

Lauren Wold's Critical Assessment of Trammel & Chenault's "We Have to Take These Guys Out."

Tyler Anderson's Critical Summary of Wlison and Chaddha's "The Role of Theory in Ethnographic Research"


Sample Research Proposal

Tom Seim's Research Proposal for His Study on the "Import Car Racing Subculture"


Sample Student Mini-Ethnographies:

Cool Spaces: Unobtrusive Observations of Interesting Public Settings

THE WHEELS ON THE BUS GO ROUND AND ROUND (by Jennifer Knecht and Anna Mueller Sp. 2013)

"My Momma's Gonna Knock You Out:" Unobtrusive Observations of F/M Roller Derby Girls (by Jenelle Swenberger and Pamela Henderson Sp 2013

  Violators Are Subject to Arrest: Unobtrusive Observations at Dike West Park (by Ashraf Kamel, Thomas Seim, Justin Nistler, and Matthew Gulbranson Fall 2009)

"It's Like A Stoner's Paradise, Man!" (by Jennifer Harzke and Lauren Wold Fall 2010)

"Dead Men Tell No Tales:" Participant Observation at Valley Paintball (by Paruj Acharya Fall 2010)

Bingo! The Hidden Subculture of America's Game (by Grace Johnson Fall 2010)

Eight Seconds: An Unobtrusive Ethnography by Kayla Stelzer (Spring 2010)

From Day to Night: A Downtown Fargo Mini-Ethnography  (Observation of an Interesting Social Setting by Brittany Hawk and Jennifer Jesse)

How Low Can You Go? (by Michelle Colton & Jerrie Bodin Spring 2007)

Catching A Ride (by Love Leon & Lindsay Forster)

Sociological Suburban Safari (By Pammela Volk) (Fall 2007)

“The Beat Sounds Good In My Police Car^:” Ride Along with Maplewood Police Department  (By Steven Mattson) 


'U-R Connected': Content Analyses of Virtual Spaces

She Wears Pink and He Wears Blue: A Content Analysis of Gender Roles in Children’s Films (by Nicole Jasperson Spring 2013)

'So Is Mine..." A Content Analysis of the Internet Response to Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite Commercial (by Anna Mueller Sp2013)

“Dig Deeper!!”: A Content Analysis of Discussion Board Threads Posted to (by Sarah Hogfoss)

"The Union of One Man and One Woman:" A Content Analysis of Minnesota of Marriage's Website (by Tyler Anderson and Matthew Lambert (Fall 2011)

 It's Five Minutes To Midnight, and Apparently It’s Tea Time: A content analysis of political & ideological rhetoric surrounding healthcare reform published by (By Asraf Kamel & Matthew Gulbranson (Fall 2009)

Hedonism, Humor, and Hypocrisy: A Content Analysis of the Thread Following  "Jim McGreevey Discusses Rutgers Suicide" (By Lauren Wold Fall 2010)

Starving for Community:  The Religion of Thinness and Pro-Ana Websites (Emma Hoglund Spring 2009)

"The “Dark” Side of Christianity:  A Content Analysis of the Westboro Baptist Church" (by Meghan Nelson, Katie Hoefler, & Emily Mjolsness (Spring 2009)

“Waiting Behind a Smoke Screen:” A Web-Based Content Analysis (By Josh Lloyd Spring 2010)



'Losing Your Religion': Mini-Ethnographies of Sacred Milieux

Recovery Worship: "The Perfect Place for Imperfect People" (by Jillian Gould, Scarlett Rudlang, Ashley Graves, and Lindsey Livingston Spring 2012)

“May We Recall in Gratitude All That Has Given Us Birth:" Observations of the Unitarian Universalist Church (by Tyler Anderson Fall 2011)

"God Through Lists:" A Mini-Ethnography of Moorhead’s Jehovah’s Witnesses (by Elise Wieck Fall 2011)

“The perfect place for imperfect people:” A Mini-Ethnography of Recovery Worship, Fargo, ND (by Ashley Cornwell, Caila Strand, and Stacey Nelson Fall 2011)

B I B L I C A L L Y  B (I)  A  S  E  D: A Mini-Ethnography of a Sunday Worship Service  (by Matthew Gulbranson and Ashraf Kamel (Fall 2009)

 “She’ll Be Hopping and Jumping with Jesus”: Inclusion and hope for the marginalized at the Salvation Army (by Lindsay Bergenheier & Lisa Guyla Fall 2007)

HEART, SOUL AND MIND STRENGTH (by Debra Frank Spring 2010)

Ostara Ritual: A mini-ethnography of a Pagan/Wiccan Ritual (by Karmen Dostal Spring 2010)

'Mama Said:' The Life-Story Interview as a Reflexive Method

Reverse Culture Shock: A Life Story Interview with Mona Ibrahim (by Asraf Kamel Fall 2009)



Real Cool Sociologies: Final Projects for Qualitative Research Methods (SC352-W)

Reentry and Recidivism: What Influence Does Outside Support or Lack Thereof, Have on a Person? (by Leane M. Guerrero Spring 2015)


“Big man’s not afraid of anything”: A Content Analysis of Gender Roles in Children’s Films (by Nicole Jasperson Spring 2013)

“Dig Deeper!”: A Qualitative Study of a Fitness Discussion Board as a Virtual Community (by Sarah Hogfoss Spring 2013)

"What Is Going On Here:" A Content Analysis of Racial and Gender Stereotyping in Advertising (by Mitchell Gresham Spring 2013)

“He Treats Your Little Girl Like a Real Man Should”: The Re-presentation of Conventional Love in Country Music1(by George Peterson Fall 2010)

“HEY! YOU GUYS LIKE STEAKS, RIGHT?”The Motivations of the Door-to-Door Steak Salesman (by Allison Edmonds Spring 2011)

Weight-Loss Encapsulated: Capitalizing on America’s Obesity Epidemic (An Evaluation of Diet Pill Advertising Strategies) by Christina Kalinowski (Spring 2006)

"Unveiling New Orientalism:  An Exploration in Images" (by Emma Hoglund Spring 2009)

The Sex Talk: What Parents are Saying to their Children about Sex (by Jessica  Hausauer)

Personal Looking Glass: A Study into Elective Cosmetic Surgery by Michelle Carlson (Fall Semester 2009)

"Life on the List": The Phenomenology of Waiting Through the Eyes of Organ Transplant Patients by Justin Titus (Spring 2005)

Exercise and the College Woman (by Rebekah Aakre Spring 2009)

“Women on the Plains: Identity and the Experience of Leadership” (by Lindsay Bergenheier)

Machismo and how the Family is Molded into Form: An Analysis of Gender Roles (by Jared Pigeon )


Qual. Methods Students (Spring 2005): A Rather "Groovy" Bunch