Alison Wallace
-- Science Licensure --

MSUM Life Science Education Students:
Our life science licensure program prepares you apply for a Minnesota teaching license to teach any science class, grades 5-8, and any biology class, grades 9-12. If you want to teach in another state, you should check into each state's requirements ASAP.

What are the requirements?
science curriculum
secondary education requirements

Current teachers wishing to add a license:
You can add another science license in one of twoways: 1) consult with an MSUM faculty to see if you have the necessary coursework, take any courses you do not have, take at least one credit at MSUM, and apply for your additional license through MSUM, or 2) take the state examination (used to be Praxis II but will now be MTLE) in the licensure area you wish to add a license. Here is a link to get you started.

Science majors wishing to get a first-time license:
You may meet with me to see which courses you still need, and then make a plan to take these courses at MSUM. At this time we do not have any alternative science teacher licensure programs (i.e. summers or online). Here is a link for alternative programs offered by other Minnesota institutions.