Section 1: SomeNotable Sites

  • Yahoo Net Events for Finance and Investing
    This site is a daily list of investment audio and visual on the internet.

  • justQuotes
    Enter ticker symbol or company name and you are linked to quotes, charts, news, profiles, earnings estimates, SEC Filings, analysts and research reports, magazine, newspaper and search engines and more...

  • Personal Finance Information Source

    Featuring financial articles, investment commentary, retirement advice, and more

  • Investor Words
    With over 4,000 investing terms and 15,000 links between related words, InvestorWords is the most comprehensive investing glossary you'll find anywhere, online or off.

  • Investing in Bonds
    Individuals interested in learning more about bond investing can tap into this new site, which enables investors to access a daily yield table for municipal bonds, closing Treasury prices compiled by GovPx, links to firms that provide pricing and general bond market information, a list of bond dealers who are members of the The Bond Market Association, booklets published by Association (including the full text of the Association's Investor's Guides to Municipal Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Mortgage Securities and Inflation-Indexed Securities), and links to other Internet sites where bond market information is available.

  • Search Engine Watch
    Everything you ever wanted to know about Web search engines

  • Big Charts
    Big Charts is a comprehensive and easy to use, and free charting service. Build, save, and update your favorites.

  • Fund Spot
    Provides mutual fund family phone numbers and links, weekly news about mutual funds investing, a discussion board for posting questions and links to best general and mutual fund information sites, Roth IRA resources, including links to articles about Roth IRAs and worksheets and calculators for estimating benefits of converting to or opening a Roth IRA.

  • RothIRA
    The purpose of this site is to provide technical and planning information on Roth IRAs to practitioners and consumers.

  • FundFinder
    Scour 7,500 stock and bond funds to find the best match for your portfolio based on objective,performance, expenses, holdings, risk, etc.

  • 1998 Mutual Fund Fact Book from the Investment Company Institute

  • An Introduction to Investment Theory
    An online investment text book by Yale Professor Will Goetzmann

  • The Web Investor
    Listing of Mutual Fund companies online.

  • 100 Hot Financial Sites
    100hot Sites is a free directory to the most popular sites on the web.

  • Anti-Money Laundering

  • Roth IRA

Guide to Roth IRA-- how to invest in their Roth IRAs and pitfalls/tips & tricks of doing so


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Section 2: Practitioner Daily Use Sites

  • Starting Sites

    1. The Financial Data Finder- Ohio State University
      This page points to financial and economic data available on the Web and elsewhere. Other local resources include Department Home Page, The Journal of Finance, Educational Resources in Finance, Research Resources in Finance and the WWW Virtual Library: Finance.

    2. Web Resources for Financial Planning- Ohio State University
      •Financial Planning Tools •Home Loan Calculator •Outline of Data Needed for Personal Financial Planning •Readings in Estate Planning •Readings on Long-Term Care Insurance •Readings in retirement planning •Readings in succession planning •Summary of tax provisions important for self-employed individuals) •TIAA-CREF software tools for retirement planning

    3. Investor Home
      Investor Home includes links and background information for each step in the investment process and all of the major Asset Classes including Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, Venture Capital, Alternative, and Tangible investments. You'll also find quotes and summaries of research from the industry's most respected sources.

    4. NuWire

      Publishes several articles each day on investment news

    5. justQuotes
      Enter ticker symbol or company name and you are linked to quotes, charts, news, profiles, earnings estimates, SEC Filings, analysts and research reports, magazine, newspaper and search engines and more...

    6. Faqfinder
      Site that scans the Internet for FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) files and indexes them.

    7. streetEYE
      Index and search engine provide comprehensive access to all resources of interest to investors and investment professionals. We are committed to keeping it as complete, relevant, and up-to-date as possible. You can participate in our commitment to a comprehensive and up-to-date resource by submitting your favorite links.

    8. Internet Finance Resources
      "This is a great site which constantly screens and finds new financial site on the Internet."

    9. Investorama
      "Another site which I use to keep current with Internet sites in the field of finance."

    10. The Syndicate
      "Another great site to keep up with the world of finance on the web."

    11. WACHOWICZ'S WEB WORLD:Web Sites for Discerning
      Finance Students
      "The following financial management web sites are grouped to correspond with the major topic headings in  Fundamentals of Financial Management, 10th ed., Prentice-Hall (1998) by James Van Horne and John Wachowicz." It is a fine example of using a web site to complement and enhance a hard copy publication.

    12. Forums

      • Financial Planning Forum
        First, you need to register with them at the above site, then follow to the forum.

      • Green Jungle

      • AdvisorWorks -- Peter W. Johnson
        A site exclusively for investment professionals, AdvisorWorks is a password-protected site that offers a Web bulletin board system for advisors to discuss practice-related issues, as well as extensive libraries and links.

    13. E-mail lists

      • The Economist-Business This week
        To start receiving Business This Week, send an email with the message "join economist-business" to

      • The Economist- News this week
        To start receiving Politics This Week, send an email with the message "join economist-politics" to

      • Money Daily
        To sign up for Money Daily, point your browser to:

      • WORTH
        To sign up for WORTH Weekly, point your browser to:

      • Financial Economists Network (part of Social Science Research Network [SSRN])
        Financial Economists Network working paper and published paper series. Every week they send out abstracts of newly published and working papers that they've become aware of. These are divided into "journals" which are devoted to various topics and come complete with e-mail addresses of the authors. For many it's a great way of keeping up with the cutting edge. The problem with the working papers is that there's no quality control.

    14. Tracking the Markets

      • Instant Updates:
        These are sites that one can view during the day to get updated
        on the financial markets:

        • Bloomberg

          This is a list of current domestic and international market
          indexes, both major and minor indices as well as exotic markets

        • DBC News & Commentary


          This site provides business news including market commentary, as well as breaking business stories.

        • The Wall Street Journal


          This site provides an updated version of The Wall Street Journal. It includes all stories in the U.S., Asian and European edition. In addition, it provides a Personal Journal which allows one to customize news reports. This site also just began charging. Costs for Journal subscribers is $29.95 per year.

        • Financial Times of London Internet Edition

          This site is where you view selections from the Financial Times of London. Wide ranging international business coverage. Good business book reviews.

        • Pensions and Investments - The International Newspaper of Money Management

          P&I Online is the source for performance data on separate account managers

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Section 3: Financial Planning Resources - College Costs

  1. College Board's Online College Savings Adviser

  2. Fidelity ONline Investors Center - College Cost Calculator

  3. Gabelli Funds Inc. College Savings Calculator

  4. College Savings Bank's "Create Your Own College Plan

  • Insurance

      Insurance price comparison service

    2. Insurance News Network
      Letter-grade ratings that are used by consumers, investors and other interested parties from Standard & Poor's and Duff & Phelps Credit Rating Co. The ratings you'll see here are called Claims Paying Ability ratings - judgments of the insurers' ability to pay policyholder claims.

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  • Mutual Funds

      For years the AMG customer base of Broker/Dealers, Mutual Fund Companies and other Money Managers have utilized information relating to mutual fund flows as a proxy for investor demand sentiment. AMG is now offering more information and a larger selection of perspectives relating to market liquidity to its customers and future customers.

    2. Investment Company Institute
      National association of the investment company industry. This site gives current statistical information about the mutual fund industry.

    3. Lipper Analytical Services

    4. Morningstar

    5. Mutual Fund Due-Diligence
      A series of essays on mutual fund investing

    6. Mutual Fund Phone Numbers
      "A ready reference to call your favorite fund company."

    7. Morningstar Mutual Funds on Demand
      Morningstar's full-page reports make it easy to find the funds that best fit a portfolio. The complete, unabridged reports are provided here -- the same as you would get as a print subscriber -- with up to 500 statistics per page. Morningstar Reports are available not just for international but for all reports, domestic, intl or closed end.

    8. Mutual Fund Explorer
      Mutual Fund Explorer could be a new competitor to Morningstar, possibly with faster updates, but without commentary.

    9. Mutual Fund Café
      This site gives current statistic information about the mutual fund industry.

      Morningstar statistics-FREE reports & ratings on over 7,000 funds!

    11. BES, Inc.'s Mutual Funds Interactive
      This site claims that content is what makes them different. Site is built around around exclusive information and insights you won't find anywhere else, with original material and references to other Internet resources.

      Current returns-based style analysis for mutual funds

    13. Standard and Poor's Global Ratings Book
      Standard & Poor's Managed Funds Ratings group rates money market funds, bond funds, local government investment pools and unit investment trusts. Standard & Poor's Managed Funds Ratings also provides a customized portfolio monitoring service designed for use by fiduciaries and fund management. Standard & Poor's has been rating money market and bond funds since 1984. Assets under management for Standard & Poor's rated funds exceeds $200 billion.

  • Securities - Stocks

    1. Stock Screener
      You can search using up to 20 performance criteria! Define your search as narrowly as possible.

    2. Online Money
      Provides a distribution of brokers recommendations for company by ticker or company name, a list of positive and negative earnings surprises, on target earnings, and earnings reporting dates for each company. Data provided by Zacks Research.

    3. Hoovers Online
      "The ultimate source for company information"-subscription

      First Call Earnings estimates, company specific news and research.

    5. NYSE Listed Companies
      Links to listed companies homepages

    6. Amex Listed Companies
      Links to listed companies quotes

    7. NASDAQ Listed Companies

      Links to listed companies quotes. Can then link to EDGAR for public filings information...

    8. EDGAR
      Database of corporate information

    9. MIT Stock Database

    10. Stockguide
      A quote server for pink sheet and otc stocks. It also helps you find ticker symbols for hard to find stocks.

      This site provides delayed quotes on stocks.

    12. Online Money
      Provides a distribution of brokers recommendations for company by ticker or company name, a list of positive and negative earnings surprises, on target earnings, and earnings reporting dates for each company. Data provided by Zacks Research.

    13. Health Quote 360

  • Bonds
    1. US Government Bonds
      Composite 3:30 pm quotations for U.S. government securities. Lists each Treasury Bond, Note and Bill, with its CUSIP number, coupon and maturity. Lists the bid, ask, change from the prior trading day, and yield for "skip-day" delivery.
      QuoteCom Street Pricing
      Quotes on U.S. Treasury securities and on government agency securities are provided as part of the Street Pricing service by Street Software Technology, Inc., from data supplied by a major Broker Dealer in these securities. There are three types of quotes available: 1.Interest rate and spread fixed pages 2.Quotes on active U.S. Treasuries 3.Quotes on government agency securities (FNMA, GNMA, etc.) The cost is $9.95 per month for basic service.
      U.S. Treasury Yield Curve

    2. Other Issues
      Bonds Online

    3. Moody's Outlook on Municipals

    4. Municipal Resource Center

    5. National Muni Bond Yields

    6. Nuveen Research

  • Real Estate

    1. The DealMakers Commercial & Retail Real Estate Referral DataBase.
      Providing insight & information on all Aspects of Real Estate Dealmaking & Networking

    2. Case Shiller Weiss, Inc.
      Residential Real Estate Price Information from individual home valuations to overall market trends, CSW can provide you with the tools to answer your real estate questions. CSW has price information for thousands of cities and ZIP Codes across the U.S.

  • Alternative Investments-General

    1. Investor Home Alternative Investments Links Page
      Links to many useful Alternative Investment-related sites.

  • Venture Capital

    1. Investor Home Venture Capital Links Page
      Links to many useful Venture Capital-related sites.

    2. Venture Capital and Private Equity
      Useful educational material from a professor at Harvard Business School.

    3. National Venture Capital Association
      The National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) was founded in 1973 and is comprised of approximately 200 professional venture capital organizations. It is organized to broaden the understanding of the importance of venture capital to the vitality of the United States economy. NVCA also works to stimulate the flow of equity capital to emerging growth and developing companies. NVCA seeks to improve communication among venture capitalists throughout the country and to improve the general level of knowledge of the venturing process in government, in the universities and in the business community.

    4. America's Business Funding Directory
      Access to networks of "accredited private investors."

    5. Price Waterhouse's Venture Capital Survey
      A quarterly study of venture capital investments throughout the United States.

  • Initial Public Offerings(IPOs)/Private Placements

    1. Investor home IPO Links Page
      Links to many useful IPO-related sites.

    2. IPO - The Initial Public Offerings (IPO) Resource Page
      Useful educational material on IPOs.

    3. IPOnet
      Run by brokerage firm W.J. Gallagher, it has received approval from the SEC to sell private-placement investments.

  • Hedge Funds

      Useful educational material on Hedge Funds and Hedge Fund performance information.

      Useful educational material on Hedge Funds and Hedge Fund performance information.

  • International

    1. Local Newspapers...Online

    2. allows you to look at investment return, estimate risk, and potentially improve your investment performance. It is a free source of global equity data and risk analytics. It allows you to measure total returns and estimate risks with the same sophisticated tools used by investment banks and institutional fund managers. . . at no charge to you.

    3. Evaluate Political and Economic Risks

      • PRS Online
        International Investment Restrictions[ Regimes And Probabilities ] [ Investment Restrictions ] [ Equity Restrictions ] [ Operations Restrictions ] [ Taxation Discrimination ] [ Repatriation Restrictions ] [ Exchange Controls ]
        Five-Year Forecasts[ Political And Economic ] [ Turmoil ] [ Investment Restrictions ] [ Trade Restrictions ] [ Domestic Economic Problems ] [ International Economic Problems ]

      • Strategic Forecasting
        Money managers evaluating international investment markets may be wise to consider the views of political risk analysts, area specialists, and even military affairs experts. Political stability is as important as economic opportunity when investing outside their domestic markets.

      • Online Intelligence Project
        The Online Intelligence Project is oriented to individuals and professionals with an interest in international news, commerce, and references. It uses an intelligence service model to array Internet resources into departments and regional desks. 

    4. BradyNet

    5. Exchange Rates
      New York Federal Reserve
      Daily 10 a.m. midpoint foreign exchange rates from the New York interbank market, certified by the New York Federal Reserve Bank for customs purposes.
      Pacific Exchange Rate Service
      Some historical rates back to 1971. Easy to use.
      Universal Currency Converter
      Interactive calculator and daily update by email.

    6. Stocks

    7. Stock Markets of the World
      Links to many International investment exchanges-stock and bond markets

      • Morningstar International Stocks OnDemand
        Morningstar International Stocks OnDemand is your passport to more than 36 promising markets around the globe. Search the database of more than 700 global stocks to find the one that best fits your portfolio.

    8. U.K. Business Net
      Links to many International investment exchanges

    9. Internet Securities, Inc. Emerging Markets Service
      ISI Emerging Markets provides hard-to-get information about emerging markets economies including financial, economic and political news and information, and transmits that data through the Internet. Full-text news articles, financial statements, industry analyses, equity quotes, macroeconomic statistics, and market-specific information, which are derived directly from local information providers, appear in both English and the local language.

    10. Emerging Markets Companion
      A convenient window into the emerging economies of Asia, Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe, with content contributed by premier market participants and news organizations,and access to economic and political events, market activity, and investment strategies.

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