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Syllabus Chem 365-2019                   Required Text and Materials        
2019 Complete Lab Manual
Standard Synthesis Lab Report Format
H-NMR Interpretation (Condensed)       H-NMR Interpretation (Longer)       NMR User's Manual
C13-NMR Interpretation (Condensed)        NMR Physics and C13-NMR (Longer)       GC/MS User's Manual

Chem 365 Lab Schedule Spring 2019
Lab times (Langseth 307): Thursday 9am, 1:30pm  

Date Experiment Lab Manual for 2019 (Complete)
PreLab Lectures (Streaming) (Podcast)
Jan 17 Cyalume: Chemiluminescence 1. Cyalume Experiment    
2. Syllabus

3. Standard lab report format
Syllabus and Introduction (8 min)
Cyalume Prelab Lecture (27 min)

Cyalume Prelab Pod
Jan 24 Grignard Reactions, Part 1 Grignard Reactions Grignard Prelab Week 1 Grignard1-Pod
Jan 31 Grignard Reactions, Part II 1. Grignard Reactions
2. GC-MS User's Sheet
Grignard Prelab Week 2 Grignard2-Pod
Feb 7 Alcohol to Ester; Catalysis; Distillation; NMR 1. Alcohol Esterification Expt
2. H-NMR Interpretation (Summary)
3. H-NMR Interpretation (Detailed)
4. NMR User's Sheet
Alcohol Esterification Prelab Esterification Pod
Feb 14 HPLC To Be Written    
    NMR Movie: Format for reporting and interpreting H and C NMR Standard Summary Report pod
    NMR Movie: How to find spectra for printing and processing NMR: Finding spectra for printing and processing Pod
Feb 21 Aspirin Synthesis/Alcohol Unknown (NMR) Aspirin, Alcohol NMR Expt 1. Aspirin, Alcohol Prelab
2. NMR: Standard Summary for H or C NMR
3. NMR: Finding spectra for printing and processing
1. Aspirin Pod
2. Standard Summary Report
3. NMR: Finding spectra for printing and processing
Feb 28 Wittig Reaction Wittig Reaction Wittig Reaction Prelab Wittig Pod
Mar 7 Spring Break      
Mar 14 Aldehydes and Ketones Unknown/Derivative Carbonyl Unknowns Experiment Carbonyl Unknowns Prelab Carbonyl Pod
Mar 21 Dibenzalacetone by Aldol Condensation Aldol Reaction Aldol Prelab Aldol Pod
Mar 28 Multistep Synthesis Module Week One

Week 1 Scheme 1 (p49-60)
-includes intro (p49-51)
-procedure (p53-57)
-NMR/GC (p58-60)
+ Lab report (p60)

Week 1 Prelab
Intro (p49-51): 0-8min
Procedure(p53-57): 8-24min
NMR/GC(p58-60): 24-41min
LabReport (p60): 41-42min
2D-NMR helps interpret H-NMR

Week 1 Pod
Apr 4 Multistep Synthesis Module Week Two 1. Week 2 Scheme 2 (p61-67)
-NMR/GC (p65)
+ Lab report (p66)

Week 2 Prelab
Procedure(p61-64,67): 0-27 min
LabReport (p66): 30-33min
NMR/GC(p65-66): 27-30, 33-44 min
2D-NMR helps interpret H-NMR
Week 2 Pod
Apr 11 Multistep Synthesis Module Week Three 1.Week 3 Scheme 3
-NMR (p70-71)
+ Lab reports (p72-73)
wi Data Summary Sheet)

Week 3 Prelab
Procedure(p67-69): 1-13 min

LabReports (p72-73): 13-20min
NMR (p70-71): 20-26min
Extra 5-min NMR video dealing with overlap + splitting oddity

2D-NMR helps interpret H-NMR

Multistep 3 Pod
Extra 5-min NMR

Apr 18

 No Lab, Easter      
Apr 25 Amine Unknowns Amines Unknown Experiment Amines Prelab Amines Pod
May 2 Carboxylic Acid Unknown and Titration. Cleanup, Checkout Acid Unknowns Experiment Acid Prelab Acid Pod