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A Chance to Celebrate Ourselves

MSUMís reaccreditation self study is more than just a written report or a site visit from the NCA. The focus is on what MSUM can learn from the process of the self-study. It is a time for the whole campus to bring forward the great things we do all of the time, thus our logo ďOur Time to Shine.Ē

As the self-study teams investigate the various elements of our self-study, we continue to find the good things that go on across our campus, those things we do on a daily basis to fulfill MSUMís mission. We see amazing outreach to the community; outstanding, innovative, and concerned faculty; and active and engaged students. Many such positives have been uncovered, and it seems that these often go unreported outside of individual departments. It is people and activities that make MSUM a vital and evolving institution, and it is that vitality that we want to project. If you know of exciting work going on around you, please let us know.

Because we look forward to your input at all points in this process, please plan to attend the self-study team Open Forums. Consider appointing one member of your department or unit to attend each meeting; we will have refreshments, door prizes, and a special prize for the department/unit with the greatest level of attendance!

March 28, 9 a.m. Mission and Integrity

March 30, 10 a.m. Preparing for the Future

April 5, 3 p.m. Acquisition, Discovery, and Application of Knowledge

April 6, 3 p.m. Engagement and Service

April 10, 3 p.m. Student Learning and Effective Teaching

These Open Forums will all take place in CMU 101. The dates and times can be found on the NCA Visit web site and will appear on the MSUM homepage listing of campus events. Everyone is encouraged to attend. 

Questions can be directed to Judy Strong or Deb White.

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