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December 2004:
  • Self-Study Steering Committee and Criterion Teams announced

Spring 2005:

  • Notify Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of Self-Study Coordinator
  • Select preferred dates for Comprehensive Visit
  • Create first draft of timeline
  • Representatives of Steering Committee attend North Central Association (NCA) Annual Meeting

Summer 2005:

  • Steering Committee Retreat
  • Develop NCA Visit web site
  • Review/revise University mission statement(s)
  • Review reports from other institutions
  • Review past reports for MSUM
  • Identify head writer and appoint to Steering Committee
  • Prepare Steering Committee Resource Room
  • Prepare Virtual Resource Room
  • Plan for Fall Professional Development Day
  • Plan on-campus publicity to raise awareness about Self-Study process
  • Prepare draft Table of Contents for the report
  • Draft Timeline reviewed by NCA Liaison
  • Select a Public Relations subcommittee to work on marketing/publicity campaign

Fall 2005:

  • Fall Professional Development Day program on NCA Visit
  • Gather input from University community
  • Gather input from constituents/off-campus community
  • Gather existing data
  • Begin publishing monthly Self-Study newsletter

Spring 2006:

  • Write/review/revise Self-Study chapter drafts
  • Representatives of Steering Committee attend NCA Annual Meeting

Summer 2006:

  • Plan and conduct Steering Committee Retreat
  • Criterion Teams edit/review Self-Study chapter drafts
  • Steering Committee subgroups edits/reviews Self-Study chapter drafts
  • Head Writer/Steering Committee revise and expand Self-Study Report
  • Steering Committee begins initial plans for Comprehensive Visit
  • MSUM reponds to NCA (within one month) of receipt of proposed Evaluation Team members

Fall 2006:

  • Key people review preliminary Self-Study Report
  • Criterion Teams revise chapter drafts
  • Layout/design of Self-Study Report finalized
  • Preliminary contact with Evaluation Team chair

Spring 2007:

  • Publish Self-Study Report
  • Send Self-Study Report and packet of University evaluation materials to NCA and Evaluation Team Members
  • Publish Third Party Comment notices in local and campus media and on web site
  • Steering Committee finalizes plans for Comprehensive Visit
  • Executive Summary created
  • Hold mock visit
  • Develop on-site information packets for Evaluation Team
  • Publicize Comprehensive Visit information
  • Finalize preparations for Resource Room and Virtual Resource Room

March 5-7, 2007:

  • Higher Learning Commission North Central Association of Colleges and Schools Site Visit

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