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Criterion Teams

In Fall 2004 President Roland E. Barden announced the appointment of Self-study Teams to prepare the university report for the regional re-accreditation visit by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA).

Dr. Deborah White, Sociology and Criminal Justice department, and Dr. Judy Strong, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, will serve as steering committee co-chairpersons for the upcoming ten-year on-site visit, which will occur in the 2006-2007 academic year. Their joint leadership will be critical for a successful outcome.

The following individuals have agreed to write the five chapters, one for each criterion, which are required for the self-study report. 

Criterion 1: Mission and Integrity
Co-chairs: Lisa Nawrot, Psychology
Karla Wenger, Graduate Studies

  Sylvia Barnier, Athletics
  Megan DaPisa, Student
  Casey Fawbush, Business Office
  Jarilyn Gess, Corrick Center for General Education
  Sheryl Jones, AFSCME Executive Council Representative
  Cindy Phillips/designee, MSUM FA Executive Council Representative
                   Carol Sibley, Library
  Jayne Washburn, MSUAASF Representative and Registrar
  Warren Wiese, Student Affairs Vice President
  Carolyn Zehren, Financial Aid
Criterion 2: Preparing for the Future
Co-chairs: Tim Borchers, Associate Dean Arts and Humanities/Social and Natural Sciences
Kathleen Enz Finken, Dean of Arts and Humanities

  Les Bakke, Director of Information Technology
  Steven Bolduc, Economics 
  Tracy Clark, Social Work and TOCAR
  David Crockett, Administrative VP and Interim Dean of Business and Industry
  Jan Flack, Director of Continuing Studies
  Kayla George, Student
  Jean Hollaar, Budget and Planning Officer
  Patrick Hundley, Executive Vice President of the Alumni Foundation
  Valerie Mikelson, Student
  Gina Monson, Director of Admissions
  Cindy Phillips/Designee, MSUM Faculty Association 
  Cliff Schuette, Counseling and Career Placement
  Scott Seltveit, Technology
  Pam Werre, Library
Criterion 3: Student Learning and Effective Teaching
Co-chairs: Michelle Malott, Biosciences
Liz Rowse, Corrick Center for General Education

  Rhonda Ficek, Director of Instructional Technology
  Ronald Jeppson, Dean of Social and Natural Sciences
  Deb Kukowski, Paralegal
  Benjamin Smith, Languages and Cultures
  Lisa Stewart, Psychology
  Dorothy Suomala, Graduate Studies Coordinator and Educational Leadership
  Lee Vigilant, Sociology and Criminal Justice
  Diane Wolter, Counseling Center
Criterion 4: Acquisition, Discovery, and Application of Knowledge
Co-chairs: Rinita Dalan, Anthropology and Earth Science
Ted Gracyk, Philosophy

  Phil Baumann, Political Science
  Ellen Brisch, Biosciences
  Ed Choate, Director of Human Resources
  Barb Hoppe, Instructional Technology
  Becky Boyle Jones, Assistant Director of Campus Activities
  Ok-Hee Lee, Elementary and Early Childhood Education
  Susan Peterson, Social Work
  Wil Shynkaruk, Art and Design
  Marsha Weber, School of Business
  Nathan Wood, Student
Criterion 5: Engagement and Service
Co-chairs: Brittney Goodman, Director of Instructional Resources
Teri Walseth, Director of Teacher Education, Associate Dean Education and Human Service, Director of Field Exeriences

  Ginny Bair, Records Office
  Tony Bormann, Regional Science Center
  Ian Cole, Student
  Betty Gunderson, Alumni Foundation
  Tim Harms, Mathematics
  Terry Kroke, Library
  Sara Leigh, Advising Support Center
  Veronica Michael, Admissions
  Kathleen Paulson, Customized Training
  Kathy Scott, Student Support Services
  Linda Svobodny, Special Education

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