Using an iPad as a Virtual Whiteboard in Zoom

In Spring 2020 when the COVID pandemic required our campus to switch to online education, I found myself struggling to "work problems on the board" with my students via the Zoom videoconferencing software. After a bit of experimentation, I hit on an approach of broadcasting my iPad's screen over Zoom to my students, allowing me to use drawing apps as my 'shared screen' which allowed me to write and work problems in a natural style during the video conferencing sessions. I've also written a short document on Using an iPad as a Virtual Whiteboard in Zoom describing how to do this. It includes some tips on how to make it work a little more smoothly. Enjoy.

Fall 2021 Update: If you are using a Mac running macOS 12 [Monterey] or later, the AirPlay Receiver needed to display the iPad to screen is now built-in to macOS and does NOT require the purchase of additional software. It works quite well although it can only display full-screen.

The development of this short video and documentation was paid for by an Innovating through COVID-19 grant from the Open Education and Innovation Program at Minnesota State.