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This is a list of posters and other resources that I have placed online that may be of interest. My publications are not listed here, instead they are on my CV, which is available online here.

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So What IS the Astronomy Major?

One of the fundamental questions we can ask as astronomers is just what are requiring of the udnergraduate astronomy students we hope will eventually follow in our footsteps. At the 199th meeting of the AAS in January 2002, Bruce Partridge and I presented the preliminary results [Abstract] of our investigation of the undergraduate astronomy major in the United States. This investigation consisted of an examination of the classes required for the major at 61 U.S. institutions offering the undergraduate astronomy degree (according to the AIP September 2001 Roster of Astronomy Degrees).

The results of our review of the astronomy major have since been published in the Astronomy Education Review in a paper entitled "So What IS the Astronomy Major?" (link to article). I am also providing a local PDF draft version which I think is more nicely formated.