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The links below are for summer "fun" courses I have developed and taught at MN State Univ. Moorhead for the College for Kids program. 




Trip the Light Fantastic (Light and Color)   


What is the difference between color addition and color subtraction?

Check out the java simulation to your right.

More fun simulations at the PhET site.

Color Vision Pic

RoboTechs and MotoTechs

Individual Project:
Build a 'solar-roller'

[1] 1381 Solar Engine
[2] 1381 Solar Engine
     Freeform Circuit and Frame  

Group Project :
Build a photopopper

Build a bicore

[1] Photopopper
[2] Circuits
[1] Walker
[2] Suspended Bicore

What is B.E.A.M robotics?

About B.E.A.M.

Biomorphic Machines - 
"... a form of parallel life."

Living Machines 

Brosl Hasslacher
Mark Tilden

Robotics Links


Water Rockets

You can always search for keywords like "water rocket parachute" on your favorite search engine.

Solid Fuel Rockets