Steve Lindaas Ph.D.


This page will contain hyperlinks to sites containing information that may be of interest to physics students, some of this material may contribute to your knowledge of physics in general.

The PhET site with very nice physics simulations.

Interactive Physics Java Demos by Sergey Kiselev and Tanya Yanovsky-Kiselev. Not as nice as the PhET simulations but still nice.

Physics News Update Homepage: This site produced by the American Institute of Physics provides additional materials (mostly for the press) on any current physics news stories as well as links to "Physics Success Stories" which highlights how applied physics can be very beneficial. It also provides a link to the actual Physics News Update, which is a sort of newsletter of current physics news (geared more toward professional physicists).

A Century of Physics: A good, interactive timeline of the accomplishments in 20th century Physics. Not really the focus of this course, but very interesting.

Maple 12 is now licensed for campus use (MSUM students can obtain a copy for free here) and it might be helpful to learn to use it for attacking your homework.
  • Maple Applications Center: This website provides a ton of links to well documented Maple worksheets covering a wide variety of applications. I have included links to some of my favorite specific examples below:
  • Maple Essentials: A fully interactive course for becoming a Maple user.
  • Intro to Maple for Physics Students: This page contains a well organized list of Maple labs for doing some basic mathematics problems of interest to physicists. Since this course is precisely a discussion of the mathematical methods of interest to physicists, this website is a great place to start.
  • Dynamics Lab: Want to see some pretty slick phsyics animations made with Maple (by a High School Senior), check these dynamics simulations of coupled pendulums and orbits.