Steve Lindaas PhD

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AAPT 2018 Summer Conference: Workshop 49 - "Demo Kit in a Box: Optics"

 The links below are for assorted course material.   
Remember: Don't Steal the Joy of Discovery  


Electricity and Magnetism


Simple Circuits:

Light Me Up
Light Me Up Educator Tips

Movie: Lighting bulb with foil
Movie:How to light a Light Bulb. (lo-res) (med-res) (hi-res) (streaming)
Movie: Series and Parallel


Stuck On Me
Stuck On Me Educator Tips


Pick Me Up
Pick Me Up Educator Tips


Build a Simple Motor:

Motor Directions
Motor Directions Educator Tips
Aux Motor Directions
Movie: Winding the coil
Movie: Making motor - complete
Movie: Motor running

Build a Speaker:

Speaker  Directions


Writing directions:

Sandwich Robot
Sandwich Robot Educator Tips
Guest Robot Directions

Simple Programming:

Maze Robot
Maze Robot Educator Tips
Cards: Turn Right, Turn Left, Forward 1, Forward 10, Backward 1,
Backward 10
, Pick Up Object, Put Down Object

Force and Motion

Build a rocket out of paper...

Paper Tiger

Rocketry Links

Rocketry Online
Water Rocket Garage