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Chem 360 Notes with Answers
Note: These answers were written for a previous year's notes.
So some topics or problems have been rearranged, deleted, added, or renumbered.

Chapter Topic   Notes with typed-in answers. I typed these all up during a previous year.
So some topics or problems may have been rearranged, deleted, added, or renumbered.
But usually they are relatively close to what I'm using this year.
Chapter 10 Alcohols: Sturture and Synthesis
-includes RMgBr chemistry
  Ch. 10 Notes with Answers
Chapter 11 Alcohols: Reactions   Ch. 11 Notes with Answers
Chapter 13 NMR Spectroscopy   NMR Practice Problems Answers      
Chapter 18 Aldehydes and Ketones   Ch. 18 Notes with Answers

Chapter 22

Enolate Chemistry of Carbonyl Compounds   Ch. 22 Notes with Answers (some mechanism answers not included)
Chapter 19 Amines   Ch. 19 Notes with Answers (unrevised notes and problems)
Chapter 20-21 Carboxylic Acids
Esters and Acid Derivatives
  Ch. 20-21 Notes with Answers (unrevised notes and problems)