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Online Organic Chemistry I and Organic Chemistry II at Minnesota State University Moorhead. SUMMER, 2019.
General info about SUMMER online organic, how it works, and whether it's right for you.
*For information about my Fall/Spring online organic courses at MSUM (both O1 and O2 offered both Fall and Spring), go here.

*"Links" go to PDF documents with expanded detail. "Comments" are videos with expanded verbal discussion/explanation.

*Note 1:  Yes, it's possible to take BOTH O1 and O2 during the same summer! 
*Note 2:  You can start way early!  Summer classes ready by Valentine's Day! 
* Sample Videos: 1. Lecture 2. Practice Test 3. Practice set

Link to Organic I Summer Syllabus (2019)
Link to Organic II Summer Syllabus (2019)

Link to main Summer Organic I Content Page
Link to main Summer Organic II Content Page
Link to Organic I Lecture Videos
Link to Organic II Lecture Videos
Is This Class Right for You? Target:
science majors needing organic.
(Including premed/prepharm etc...)
Testing: Testing is not on-line
*Local students can test on-campus
*Distance students arrange proctor

Schedule flexible:
Asynchronous Testing

*You can arrange own test times

Registration:  How do I get in?
*Apply to MSUM ($20, no transcripts)
*Register for course after admitted
*NDSU students also use this process

Summer 2019 Price? (Estimate)
MN, SD, ND, WI: ~$930
Midwest: IL, IN, KS, MI, MO, NE: ~$1300
Non-resident other states: ~$1650

The challenge of summer pace:
*Time and Commitment Essential
*Must be admitted by June 17?
*Early starts are possible for all section
*Organic I starts May 22 or June 11
*Organic II starts June 11
*Finish by Aug 2 (workarounds?)

Can I take Both OChem 1 + 2 in one summer?
*Yes, but it's hard and will take much work! :)
*Early-start/late-finish workarounds?


Some Suggested Flexible Schedules:
*Organic I: 11-week, 10-week-May,
8-week-June, 5-week plans (flexible)
*Organic II: 11-week, 10-week-May, 8-week-June, 5-week plans.

Does online differ from "normal" organic?
1. No! Uses "live" Lecture videos
2. Same delivery as "live" class.
3. Covers same material.

Difficulty: Rigorous but Reasonable
1. Is online organic hard? Of course!
2. Is it's easier online? No! Rigorous.
3. Is it harder online? No! Same.

Advantages/Challenges of online
1. Advantage: Pause-rewind
2. Challenge: Procrastination
3. Challenge: Hard class, takes time.

Prerequisites (edit)
*Gen Chem for Organic 1
*Organic I for Organic II
*No permits required

Fall 2019 Dates
*Aug 26- Dec 18
*Can start/finish early
*Apply+Register by Aug 30
*Can I apply/register late?

Brief intro video of Jasperse:
to put face with voice, and
What about Lab? No online lab.
These are for-credit classes (3 credits/course)
Technology Test.
*Kaltura video diagnostic test
*Tegrity video Diagnostic Test
Online homework.
Links (syllabi, websites, lectures) Availability of Courses  


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Summer Organic  II Face-to-face Class