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Chem 360 Organic Chemistry II
Test 1 Stuff /// Test 2 Stuff /// Test 3 Stuff /// Test 4 Stuff ///  Course+Test Objectives

Recorded Lectures-2016 Recorded Lectures-2015
Newest Lecture Complete Class Notes for 2016
Syllabus for 2016 Sapling Homework

Enrolling in Sapling 2016

Practice Tests Organic I Review
Organic II ReviewPDF or Word
Textbook and Materials for 2016
Schedule for 2016 Book Problems for 2016
Other Textbooks: Problems and Readings
Quizzes for 2016 Jasperse's Normal Weekly Schedule 2016 Chem 365 Complete Lab Manual for 2016
Chem 365 Syllabus for 2016
Chem Scholarships Apply
Nakken Scholarship
NMR Practice Problems
NMR Practice Problems Answers
Notes with Answers: From earlier year, similar but not identical to 2016

2016 Class Notes to Print: In-Class Notes for the entire Semester (2016 Ready) (lots. If you print these all at once, make sure you've got lots of paper, that your PDF printing settings are good so that each pge doesn't get spread over two pges, and if possible figure out how to print double-sided.)
Chem 360 Syllabus for 2016 2016 Lab Manual (part one, through spring break)

Class Notes Test 1 (ch10-11)
Test 1 Lectures and Practice Tests and Quiz
Test 1 Checklist
Test 1 Test Skills/Competencies

Mechanisms Basics Review-Practice and Answers and Video and Pod
Retrosynthesis Problems
and Answers and Video and Pod
Acid-Base Practice -- Answers -- Movie
Mechanisms Problems and Answers and Video and Pod
Class Notes Test 2 (ch 13 + NMR practice problems)
Test 2 Lectures and Practice Tests
Test 2 Checklist
Test 2 Test Skills/Competencies

Jasperse NMR Problems (>40 pages)- - - Answers - --
NMR Movie Problems 1-26 --- Pod
NMR Movie Problems 27-42 --- Pod
UCLA Practice NMR's
Notre Dame Practice NMR's
Class Notes Test 3(ch 18, 22)
Test 3 Lectures and Practice Tests and Quiz
Test 3 Checklist
Test 3 Test Skills/Competencies

Mechanism Practice (Many) Test 3- - - Answers- - -Movie - - - Pod
Retrosynthesis Practice Test 3- - - Answers- - -Movie- - -Pod

Class Notes Test 4 (ch 19-21)
Test 4 Lectures and Practice Tests
Test 4 Checklist
Test 4 Test Skills/Competencies
Acid-Base Practice (Easy) -- Answers -- Movie
Acid-Base Practice (Less Easy) -- Answers -- Movie -- Pod
Mechanisms, Retrosynthesis + Synthesis Design --- Answers --- Movie -- Pod