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Syllabus Chem 365-2021                   Required Text and Materials        
2021 Complete Lab Manual
Standard Synthesis Lab Report Format
H-NMR Interpretation (Condensed)       H-NMR Interpretation (Longer)       NMR User's Manual
C13-NMR Interpretation (Condensed)        NMR Physics and C13-NMR (Longer)       GC/MS User's Manual

Chem 365 Lab Schedule Spring 2020
Lab times (Langseth 307): Wedneday, 1:30pm, Thursday 9am, 1:30pm  

Date Experiment Lab Manual for 2020 (Complete)
PreLab Lectures (Streaming)  
Jan 13,14 Cyalume: Chemiluminescence 1. Cyalume Experiment    
2. Syllabus

3. Standard lab report format
Syllabus and Introduction (8 min)
Cyalume Prelab Lecture (27 min)
Jan 20,21 Grignard Reactions, Part 1 Grignard Reactions Grignard Prelab Week 1  
Jan 27,28 Grignard Reactions, Part II 1. Grignard Reactions
2. GC-MS User's Sheet
Grignard Prelab Week 2  
Feb 3,4 Alcohol to Ester; Catalysis; Distillation; NMR 1. Alcohol Esterification Expt
2. H-NMR Interpretation (Summary)
3. H-NMR Interpretation (Detailed)
4. NMR User's Sheet
Alcohol Esterification Prelab  
Feb 10,11 No Lab/Makeup  Unless Makeup Needed    
    NMR Movie: Format for reporting and interpreting H and C NMR  
    NMR Movie: How to find spectra for printing and processing  
Feb 17,18 Aspirin Synthesis/Alcohol Unknown (NMR) Aspirin, Alcohol NMR Expt 1. Aspirin, Alcohol Prelab
2. NMR: Standard Summary for H or C NMR
3. NMR: Finding spectra for printing and processing
Feb 224,25 Sodium Borohydride Reduction of Ketone

Sodium Borohydride Expt
Cyclohexane Chair Review and Video

Borohydride Reaction Prelab  
Mar 3,4 Aldehydes and Ketones Unknown/Derivative Carbonyl Unknowns Experiment Carbonyl Unknowns Prelab  
Mar 10,11 Spring Break  
Mar 17,18 COVID Break      
Mar 24,25 COVID Break      
Mar 31-Apr-1 Dibenzalacetone by Aldol Condensation Aldol Reaction Manual all ready Aldol Prelab Video (24 min)
Aldol Actual Experiment Video (30 min)
Apr 7,8 Wittig Reaction Wittig Reaction Manual all ready
Wittig Docx for Download
Wittig Reaction Prelab (23 min)
Wittig Actual Experiment Video (40 min)

Apr 14,15

Multistep Synthesis Module Week One

1. Report summary
2. Research Module 2020
3. Research Module docx

Ready to roll!

Full Prelab Video, 58 min ... INcludes:
... -intro part
... -procedure part (26min)
... -NMR part (20 min)
Research Module 1 Experiment Video (37 min)

Apr 21,22 Multistep Synthesis Module Week Two

1. Report summary
2. Research Module (PDF)
3. Research Module-2 docx
NMR and GC-MS Data for:
6aa, toluyl:
6ab, crotonyl:
6ac, benzoyl:
6ad, methoxy:
6ae, cinnamoyl:

Ready to roll!

Week 2 video-28 min
Research Module 2 Experiment Video
(41 min)

Apr 28,29 Carboxylic Acid Unknown and Titration. Cleanup, Checkout 1. Report summary
2. Acid Unknowns Experiment
3. Acid Unknowns Docx
NMR Data for:
Ready to roll!

Acid Prelab Video (24 min)
Acid Actual Experiment Video (26 min)
Skip Research Module 3 Research Module 3 2020    
Skip Amine Unknowns Amines Unknown Experiment Amines Prelab