Classroom Assessment in Elementary Education
EECE 388
( 3 Credits)
Instructors Brian Smith  Office  Lommen 214G 
323 Clearview Ct.  Office Hours M 9 - 2
Moorhead MN 56560  W 9 - 5
Phone 291-1435 (w/answering machine)  Office Phone 299-5890
between 8 a.m. & 10 p.m. please 
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Nature of the Course:

EECE 388 Classroom Assessment in Elementary Education is a testing and evaluation course oriented to the needs of prospective elementary education teachers. The goal of this course is to provide you with a comprehensive introduction to current measurement theories and practices in the field of education, necessary for entry into the teaching profession. This course is organized around a set of basic objectives.

Text: Student Involved Classroom Assessment, Third Edition by Richard J. Stiggins

Course Objectives

This page is a list of topics that students will master during the semester

Course Requirements
Course Outline

This is a page of the semester schedule for Spring 2001

Grading and Evaluation

This page is an explanation of my grading scale and final grade computation method.

Attendance and Participation

You will be given a grade for your attendance and active participation in this course. This page outlines what you can expect to be evaluated on concerning these topics.


I feel that I need to establish professional standards of behavior and communicate those standards clearly. This page outlines the behaviors that I expect of students in my classroom.

Helpful Links
MDE Academic Standards

Link to the Minnesota State Dept. of Education Standards homepage. All of the learning benchmarks as well as example assessment projects are indexed there. Not all of the academic areas may have standards and benchmarks at this time.

Resources , References and Supplies

This is a page of further resources and references that may prove to be interesting and helpful.

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